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I was walking on the Riverwalk this evening and saw this lady walking her dog.  The woman was older, but probably not as old as she looked.  She was puffing on a cigarette while she walked — in her tennis shoes, sweats, and t-shirt.  That cracked me up.  But what really made me laugh was her shirt.  It was this dingy-brown shirt that said, “Save energy.  Wear a dirty shirt.”   hmmmmm . . . 


I think I’ll be in the background of someone’s wedding pictures.  If I had known, I would have dressed more nicely for walking tonight and tried to sweat less.  

This couple had gotten married and was having the wedding party pictures taken on the lawn of the civic center (trust me, the term “civic center” is used loosely around here) with the lake in the background.  Of course, anybody walking along the lake or fishing along the lake (and, yes, there was a family fishing right there) ended up in the background of every picture they took.  


We went to the circus today.  

It never even crossed my mind that there would be protesters outside the arena.  But there they were with their signs about cruelty to animals and how the circus is “modern day slavery.”  

There were a handful of times during the circus that I thought, “Yeah, this is probably not how God intended us to treat animals.”  Making tigers jump through fire.  Making an elephant balance on a huge cement ball.  Making a kitten jump into the arms of her trainer from 25 feet in the air.  But the dog-guy seemed like he really loved his dogs, and the ringmaster said he rescued them all from local pounds.  So I guess if those dogs weren’t in the circus, they’d probably be dead.  We know how over-crowded dog pounds are.  And they seemed like happy little dogs jumping over tiny hurdles and dancing with the man.  Plus their little conga line was cute.  

One of our favorite parts was the trapeze act.  I think Caleb has discovered a new career goal.  As soon as he saw them high over our heads, swinging back and forth, his eyes widened and a grin spread across his face and he declared, “I want to do that someday!”  

Silas really loved the part where the man shot arrows toward his wife and popped the balloons around her.  Hmmm . . . We did have a “you know not to try any of that at home, right?” talk as we walked back to the car.  

Of course, the boys loved it when the guys from Argentina juggled fire.  And the girls watched in awe as a young woman hung from her hair and swung around and around on this huge rope thing.  At the end, she sort of erupted into a giant fount of glitter.  That was cool.  

I think my favorite part was the quick-change artists.  Did you see that couple on America’s Got Talent a while back?  This couple did the same sort of act.  It really was amazing.  We were on the first row and could see them really well, and it still seems impossible for her to change outfits.  I know they wear their outfits layered and with clasps and velcro and just un-do the clasp and shake the new outfit free, but still it didn’t seem possible to do even that in such a short time.  

Speaking of layering outfits, I think some of the women I saw at the circus could have used some layering today.  It’s hot here now, and the amount of clothing on people we see in public is shrinking by the day.  It sure will be a challenge to raise boys around so many short skirts, low-cut tops, and skin-tight clothing.  And really, I know it is no better for skinny girls to be immodest than it is for larger women, but . . . well, if you’re oozing out of it, you probably shouldn’t wear it.  What is that line from Steel Magnolias about the dancing aunt who looks like two pigs are wrestling under her dress?  


Griffin, who is two, sat through the whole circus. From 1:30 until 4-something.  By sit, of course, I mean sat on his seat, my lap, Daddy’s lap, the floor, and walked back and forth between Daddy and me, hugging his brothers and sisters along the way.  But he was happy.  He loved the clowns.  He loved that the seats folded up and down.  He loved the elephants and the horses and the doggies.  But he told me his favorite part was the cotton candy.  

Oh, in addition to the man shooting arrows toward his wife, Silas’ other favorite part was when the smallest elephant kept pooping in the middle of the elephant act.  Really, it was quite astounding.  I guess elephants are very large animals.  And I hope it’s normal for a five year old boy to love the dangerous and disgusting parts of the circus.  


Tonight, BB&T suspected unusual activity with my husband’s debit card and within 30 minutes of the activity, a customer service representative called us.  At 8:30 on a Saturday night.  That’s cool.






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  1. 🙂 Love it… the pooping part especially. Having boys that love and talk and discuss all aspects of pooping, I relate. 🙂

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