Some Randomness

This morning, I have some random thoughts.  


During breakfast, my husband said he needs to make an appointment to get a new muffler.  Rachel said, so seriously, “But, Daddy, it’s not even cold weather; why do you need a muffler?”  


While researching swimming caps I learned that if you’re swimming in the open water, you should wear a brightly-colored swim cap.  I assume this is so that when you drown or get half-eaten by a shark the divers can more easily find your bright orange covered head in the ocean.


While buying my own swim cap (did you know 50% of body heat is lost through the head?) in a nice, calm blue color since I am not swimming in the ocean, I saw something called an Aqua Jogger belt.  Basically, this is a weight you strap onto your body before you plunge into the water.  Didn’t I just see a crazy girl do this on LOST a couple weeks ago?  She strapped heavy weights onto her body and jumped into the water.  And she didn’t come back up.  Yeah . . . I think I’ll skip the Aqua Jogger belt.  


Speaking of LOST, you know you’re a little obsessed with the show when every time you see an airplane fly overhead, you expect to see it break in half and fall from the sky.  And, not to make light of a serious situation, but recently a woman stole a newborn baby from the hospital down the street.  She walked right in and put the brand-new baby in a tote bag and carried him from the hospital.  Upon hearing this news, I told my husband the woman is probably an Other sent by Ben to take the baby.  Sick.  I know. 


Oh, and on the topic of too much TV, I also know I’ve seen too many CSI’s when every single morning I tip-toe into the pool half-expecting to find a dead body floating in the deep end.  *Cue the theme song to CSI Miami*  And then some CSI officer who is a detective-wannabe and who thinks he’s really cool will come and quickly swipe his sunglasses off his face (even though it’s still dark) and gruffly say, “That’s the last lap you’re gonna swim.”  And some medical examiner will be stroking the dead body’s face saying something like, “Baby, what happened to you?  You weren’t even dressed for swimming, sweetie.  How’d you end up here, baby?”  (If you have never seen CSI Miami, you don’t know what you’re missing.  It is one of the funniest shows on television — not because it tries to be, but because the acting is so awful and the writing isn’t much better.)


Finally, if you have not seen comedian Tim Hawkins on YouTube, you must go straight to YouTube and search for him.  He is hilarious!  (Thank you, Amy Lu!)  After watching his “Cletus, Take the Reel” video, you’ll never hear Carrie Underwood’s song “Jesus, Take The Wheel” without laughing.  And after listening to his stand-up routine about corporations taking over our church music, you probably won’t be able to sing praise and worship songs without giggling a little.  “Better is Hundai than a Ford . . . Better is Hundai than a Ford . . . ”  Very funny stuff.


Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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  1. oh… I so agree… we are always ALWAYS making fun of their ridiculous lines… its just PATHETIC!!


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