Birthdays, Throw-Up, and Part 10

Today my Caleb turns 7!  Time is flying.  We were watching the video this morning of him as an infant.  In many ways, it seems like yesterday.  Yet here we are.  He really is 7.  With some birthday money, he chose a watch with a camouflaged wrist-band, some army men, and a whoopie cushion.  Yes, he’s a 7 year old boy.  


Last night, Silas, my 5 year old, was complaining of a stomach-ache and headache.  He had a fever and felt miserable.  I made a bed for him in our floor, which ended up being a good thing since he threw up 3 or 4 times — it’s sort of a blur now.  I am hoping he feels like eating some camouflaged birthday cake today, but what I’m really hoping is that there is a magical concrete wall of protection around him so that none of the rest of us get the throw-up germs.  🙂  


Because our Suburban is not working right now, Patrick could only take 3 children to church this morning.  So I’m home with the little 3, and he took the easier older 3.  I had to stay home with sick Silas anyway, and Jackson gets to play with Caleb’s army men, and 2 year old Griffin gets to scream his demands at me all morning in the comfort of his own home.  (He is going through the dictator-in-training phase.)  


So I’ll get to Part 10 of our story sometime.  I really want to type it out for you and finish up this story — at least, bring it up to date.  


Oh, and the pool pump is apparently fixed, so my torture lap-swimming starts back up tomorrow morning at 6:00.  If you’re up in the dark, think of me and pray I don’t freeze, drown, or swallow a lizard.  



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6 responses to “Birthdays, Throw-Up, and Part 10

  1. I have swum in that swimming pool 🙂 We did our orientation there… Are the Corleys still there (Andy Corley – computer) they did their orientation with us.

    Its funny to know where you are at. 🙂 Hope your kiddo feels better and that you all escape it!

  2. Renee, yes. Our children are friends and in class together. My husband and Andy’s offices are not far from each other.

    Fun! 🙂

    An Australian NTMer, who lives in the jungle in the Philippines with our good friends and who Patrick met when he was there in ’06, is coming here next week. I can’t wait to meet him & Patrick can’t wait to see him again. Castelijn. Do you know them?

  3. My youngest just turned 7 in March. It seems like that age really makes them no longer a little one.

  4. realworldmartha, yes! 7 seems so much older all of a sudden!

  5. Sort of… they would know my parents and elder sisters pretty well, since they went through training, and one was on staff for a while

    My parents are Doug and Bev Croot. My eldest sister is Brad and Rachel Middleton, and my next is Bobby and Rhesa Bagley. (His sister is Debbie Howell… in the Phillipines, and his grandparents Harold and Marietta Piovesan…)

    Its just a really SMALL world sometimes!!

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