Hedge of Protection

I heard this thought yesterday, and I’m wondering what you think of it. I hadn’t ever really thought of this before, and I’m pondering it now.

The “hedge of protection” is an Old Testament thought. Our protection isn’t a hedge. Our protection is Christ, Who is far greater than a hedge. We are hidden in Christ.

This woman said it always bothers her when she hears people praying for a “hedge of protection” because, as Christians, we already have Christ.

What are your thoughts?



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18 responses to “Hedge of Protection

  1. In prayer, I think the things we request are sometimes more for our benefit than God’s. We might ask God to guide or lead us – well, He does that, but we still ask for it because we want to remember to look for His guidance. I think the “hedge of protection” (not sure I’ve heard that actual term) is for us to remember that God IS protecting us, even at times we aren’t feeling it. Just my two cents.

  2. Patrick

    Personally, I prefer a nice shrubbery. πŸ˜‰

  3. Lisa, thanks for your thoughtful answer. Interesting. I understand what you’re saying, and I think there is certainly truth in that. We do need reminding of how much we need Him and that He is our protection.

    I think this lady’s point was that we don’t need a “hedge of protection” (Why do I keep thinking of the daughter in The Incredibles? Probably not very spiritual.). She was saying that we don’t need the “hedge” because we have something better. Like the Old Testament “hedge of protection” is a shadow of Christ, in Whom we are completely hidden and protected. I had never heard that perspective before and I thought it was interesting.

    By the way, in the book of Job, Satan tells God that He has placed a hedge of protection around Job and that is why Job is so righteous and upright and a good servant of the Lord. I’m not sure where else that term comes from, but that’s one place.

    Patrick, you’re goofy. I love you.

  4. This kind of gets into, do our prayers make a difference? Are we the only ones who benefit from prayer, and whatever God was going to do, it was going to happen anyway.

    There is NO way I’ll start that discussion! πŸ™‚ But I do think our prayers make a difference. He IS our protection. All the time. And yet, if we acknowledge the demonic realm then there is a need for protection. Satan doesn’t play clean. He does attack and is on the prowl for destruction. Having been a part of much prayer and intercession, I would say, hedges are good things. (or shrubbery… whatever… God’s protection. Whether it is in the form of angels or whatever) … oy. I can’t type about things this deep πŸ™‚ Whatever I say I am sure it will come out as heretical or way off base doctrinally. πŸ™‚

  5. πŸ™‚ It’s OK, Renee. I asked.

  6. OK, not to be too light-hearted, but you should check out this Youtube video on “a hedge of protection” :

  7. Amy Lu, that comedian completely cracked me up. And I was up way too late watching him on YouTube.

  8. David

    Put ye on the whole armor of God!
    The shield of faith…

    Remember that the new Covenant always refers to the old one, and should never be read alone. And the whole armor is explained in the old Covenant, but in seperate places.

    In the old Covenant God introduces Himself as a shield to Abram. [Genesis 15:1] You can trace this through the whole old Covenant.

    The Hebrew word behing used here is [maΜ‚geΜ‚n] that means shield. But it comes from the root word [gaΜ‚nan] that means a hedge around something/someone for protection and attacks.

    Job got this hedge, this shield because of prayer. We get it because of prayer. Remember, the shield is something we use in battle. And in battle we ought to always pray [Eph 6:18].

    So is it in the new Covenant? Well it is if you read the whole bible.

    Now faith? We are to have faith in God, in His Word, and in the Name of Yeshua. This is being told through the whole bible.

  9. Thank you, David, for your comments.

    The lady who said the above quote said that we are in Christ, hidden in Him. He is all about us, so He is our protection.

    I think it’s interesting, though I don’t necessarily think it’s wrong to ask for a hedge of protection.

    David, you also said Job got the hedge about him because of prayer. How do you know that? I’ve just looked in Job, chapter 1, and I don’t see that God put a hedge about him and his household and around all he had because Job prayed. It does say Job feared God and shunned evil and was blameless and upright. It says Job offered burnt offerings.

    I’m not trying to be difficult. πŸ™‚ Honest. I just want to know if the Bible says Job got the hedge of protection because he prayed.

  10. I do think it’s interesting to think that Job’s hedge was his faith.

    But when people today ask for a “hedge of protection” around them, are they really asking God to increase their faith? Or are they wanting some supernatural force of angel-warriors? Or are they wanting something like that girl in the Incredibles could do? Or are they just praying it because that’s what we’re supposed to pray, even though we haven’t a clue what it means?

    Hmmm. Something to think about.

  11. Linda

    There are many places in the Bible that talks about God placing a hedge upon his people as a whole and individually. Even in Hosea 2:6-7 the Scripture tells us that God place a hedge about Hosea’s wife who was an adultress so that her lovers would lose all interest in her.

    Other Scriptures:

    II Tim 2:25-26
    II Corinthians 12:7
    Job 1:5-22
    Job 1:5-22
    Ezekial 22:30
    Matthew 18:10 Angels watching and guarding over us is very important in the midst of the battle that continues on because of being in Christ.

    Good article: God’s Hedge of Protection

  12. Linda

    An additional thought:

    We know that Jesus goes before God to intercede for us (Hebrews 7:25) and that we are to pray to intercede on the behalf of others.

    We also know that God sends his angels to put a hedge about us to assist, protect, defend, and to guard us from others, to keep us from stumbling, and to ward off the attacks of the enemy (principalities and powers of darkness). Finally, did not Jesus say that “another” would come in his place to minister, to teach, to convict, and to comfort us in our time of need. That is the Holy Spirit and do we not have access to all these according the old and new testament teachings.

  13. Good thoughts. πŸ™‚

    I like discussions like this because I don’t want to pray something just because those are the words I’m supposed to pray — you know? I want to be sure I understand and have good reason to do what I’m doing.

    Of course, ever since I watched Tim Hawkins (Thanks, Amy Lu), I can’t really pray for this without thinking about Satan and his hedge-clippers and thinking I’d really rather have something stronger than shrubbery. And, yes, I know that the hedge of protection is not really shrubbery!! Just saying that’s my mental picture now.

  14. My dad ALWAYS used the phrase “hedge of protection” when he prayed for someone’s special request, such as having surgery. I had 10 operations before I was 40 years old. My dad prayed for me each time by saying “…and keep a hedge of protection around her during this procedure; guide the hands of the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel involved…” All of my surgeries were not only successful, I never had one negative repercussion during recovery. Of course we have Christ in our lives. Yet it’s not automatic. We have to accept Him first, and then we must pray to Him and to our heavenly Father, asking for what we need. If we have a loved one who is a drug addict, it’s very appropriate to ask for God to keep a “hedge of protection” around him or her. To say it’s unnecessary to petition God with a specific phrase makes no sense. God wants us to pray for specifics; He tells to “ask, and it will given unto you”, and that “the prayers of a righteous person avails much.” This means we ask Him for what we believe we need at the time we are praying, rather than just “expecting” Him to know our needs (although He does know), I think He appreciates being asked. So may the Lord keep a hedge of protection around all of you on this occasion. Amen.

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