Faith is stepping out so far that God has to do a miracle to keep you from falling. — Dr. Ian Thomas     

That’s how I want to live my life. With God alone holding me up.



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5 responses to “Faith

  1. Wow! That’s an awesome quote. A reminder that I really needed today!

  2. It was also a reminder I needed. Glad I’m not the only one who needs reminders. 🙂

  3. Jeff

    Okay, I haven’t posted on here for a while but I saw the quote and something about it bothers me. What the author is calling for in the quote seems to be a blind faith to some degree. It is a faith that is not in what God has revealed about himself, but in whether he will respond when you push the bounds of what he has revealed. “If I can push this just a bit farther I can make God show up.” And what happens to this so called faith when God lets you fall flat on your face? Was it because you didn’t have enough faith? Or maybe it will cause some to lose their “faith” when this happens. This doesn’t seem like the faith described in Scripture to me. That faith is based not on how God responds whether I step out or not, but in the character and nature of who He is. Faith doesn’t need God to perform a miracle for you, but a trust that He is who He says He is.

    I need to ponder this a bit more, but those are some of the initial thoughts.

  4. See, I didn’t read the quote like that at all. I think the quote is about living a life of faith that is all about God and not about me. It’s about living so far beyond my own abilities and trusting in His abilities. I think this quote is about trusting God to be true to what He has revealed to Himself and living as if I’m serving the same God that had Gideon and his small army fight a battle that clearly they could only win if God battled for them, the same God that sent chariots of fire to deliver Elijah from the enemy, the same God who defeated a giant with a young man’s slingshot. I think this quote is all about the God revealed in the Bible. This is about following God where He calls even when I know I am not capable, trusting that in my weakness, He will show His strength and that in my faithlessness, He will show His faithfulness.

    In many ways, this is what we did when Patrick quit his job last year. We knew that’s what God wanted us to do. He confirmed it for us. But we knew that if we stepped out, He’d have to catch us because we didn’t have the means to help ourselves.

  5. Jeff

    I think you may have put the quote into the context it was written in when you just described it, but by itself it is not so clear. In your example you said tat is what you did when Patrick quit his job because you “knew” that is what God wanted. In the quote, the knowing doesn’t even seem to be implied, but it is just a blind step in a direction that would require God to show up. Your step was not blind, because you felt God calling you to take it, and your faith was in knowing that when he calls you to something he provides. In the quote, it seems that, at least without the context, that in order to have faith you have to test God by making him show up. You can’t simply believe that he is who he claims until you have pushed the limit.

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