One of those days

It’s just been one of those days. Daddy’s out of town. It was chilly and very windy and Momma had a headache, so everyone played inside all day. For a while, everyone played in the halls with neighbor children. That went well. After lunch, though, they stayed in our apartment and things began to unravel.

Between lunch and bedtime, I felt like I needed two or three clones of myself or about ten of those Elasti-Girl arms.

My boys thought it would be fun to throw blocks. Those cute little cubed blocks with a letter of the alphabet on each one. Evidently, it really hurts if you get beamed in the head with one. Ask poor Rachel.

Someone poured water on the carpet in the office. Not much. But still.

Fortunately, Silas discovered the orange marker Jackson had hidden in the bathroom before Jackson had the opportunity to go back and use it to write all over the apartment walls.

Lots of paper, scissors, and Scotch tape. Afterward, there appeared to be a light dusting of snow under and around our dining room table. It was the scraps of paper from all the cutting.

One roll of toilet paper completely unrolled. This seems to be Jackson’s favorite pastime. We are currently using one mass of wadded-up paper, little-by-little, in our bathroom. I guess the boys get to use this wadded-up paper in their bathroom because we are not going to let an entire roll of toilet paper go to waste.

Three attempts to play Monkey-in-the-Middle in our living room. I stopped it each time before something got broken. After I took away the first ball, they found another ball. After I took away that ball, they decided to throw the blocks.

While I was giving baths, Jackson discovered the can of cooking spray I accidentally left on the counter. Let’s just say nothing will stick to our counter tops, the kitchen floor, or the tray to the booster seat.

I did successfully intervene in some disagreements and even some physical altercations between my boys. I also thwarted a plan to steal the tiny M&M’s I plan to bake into granola bars. And I saved the last small Reese’s peanut butter egg from being eaten by a nosy Caleb. How did he even find it hidden among the packets of taco seasoning and Ramen noodles? I got four little boys bathed and into clean pajamas. And one of my children is even asleep already. The others are supposed to be asleep, but they’re still wired from the cooking spray fumes and the sips of sweetened, caffeinated iced tea they sneaked from my glass.

Yeah, today was one of those days. I didn’t even mention the screaming, the grapes I found hidden on a bookshelf (can you say roach-invitation?), the books taken from the shelf and piled in the floor, the drawer emptied of its contents and haphazardly left in the middle of the room (on the books), and the 2 year old who is showing strong signs of a future as a demanding dictator. I wonder if they stayed up last night whispering and plotting ways to conspire against me. I just felt so outnumbered today. I think I miss my husband.



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6 responses to “One of those days

  1. Oh honey, I feel for you!

    I’ve had those days!

    The toilet paper thing? We used to have a basket on the back of the toilet tank for holding unrolled bathroom tissue. It probably looked curious to visitors, but like you, I’m not throwing away a perfectly good roll of toilet paper! I was just so glad it didn’t get dumped in the potty (that is so hard to deal with, the technique I developed is to hold some of it aside with the plunger and just flush it bit by bit til it was gone…)

    I hope your hubby hurries home! If not, there’s always duck-tape! (just kidding)

  2. Unfortunately, when Aidan decides to unroll all of the toilet paper, someone usually ends up with poor aim while going pee and inevitably tags the pile…ugh!

    I wonder if your kids sent my kids subliminal messages…mine were absolutely crazy this morning! You’d never know that Aidan was lethargic yesterday (he came down with strep throat late morning/early afternoon yesterday), he was surely bouncing off the walls today! David right beside him!

  3. oy… feeling for you! πŸ™‚

  4. Tom

    Well now, how did they do after losing an hour of sleep last night? Did it make things better or worse? Better I hope. Mine are a little bigger I think, but we kept them out late at a Bible study and then brought them home at what amounted to 11:00 PM quickly got them in bed so we could all oversleep this morning. I was as tired as any of us, but the day didn’t go too poorly for having lost sleep.

    May tomorrow be filled with sunshine and many simultaneous naps.


  5. Ugh! I’m right with you. (see my post) Mr. Incredible is gone again this week, and it is not starting out well. How come the kids always act up when Daddy’s not home?!

    I hope things are going better for you. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks, Revka. And I hope things get better for you.

    I think my children act up when Daddy is gone for a few reasons. I think they truly miss him and feel like their whole little world is off-kilter without him home. I think they want to know if the rules and boundaries are the same without Daddy here (yes! They should be.) They want to know if life will still be sort of normal without Daddy home (yes! It should be.) And so they test it all out by pushing limits. I think the little guys also have all sorts of emotions they don’t quite know what to do with and so they do what they know to do — scream easily and cry easily and punch a brother.

    Maybe they are also a little like dogs — they smell fear and exhaustion on me, and they pounce. πŸ™‚

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