Black Leather, Shiny Chrome, Revving Engines . . .

It can only mean one thing.

It’s Bike Week!

In the park right beside our apartment, bikers are -at this moment- assembling for a large biker picnic. I can hear their engines revving. If I were any good at throwing, I could toss something onto their tents — really, they are right out my window. I can hear their music blaring. Did I mention I can hear their engines revving?

You may be thinking of a park filled with stereotypical biker guys. Yes, there are some of those guys out there; but you can’t really stereotype the people at Bike Week. I was just looking out the window, and there are people of different races and nationalities, men wearing golf shirts and jeans, women wearing jeans and tank tops, some in helmets, some not, some young people and some senior citizens. There are men with black leather vests with twenty or so pins covering the front. And there are young women with shorts and t-shirts and little white Keds tennis shoes. I just saw a woman in a black tank top and skin-tight jeans standing beside a woman in a lime green sweater set, dress pants, and heels. You can’t stereotype the people at the Bike Week festival.

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  1. Tom

    I sit approximately 7 feet (through the wall) from a wonderful woman in her (mid to late) 40s. She and her husband (a very good man and good friend) quite frequently mount their shinny Hog and make for various bike week destinations. The engines rev and roar and the chrome tosses shimmering reflections of the Sun into every eye that is drawn to the masculinity of these powerful steeds. The people who mount and ride are as diverse as any other group; lawyers, bankers as well as preachers and writers. I know another couple who are currently attending Sunset International School of Preaching who also happen to be riders. Mobility with the wind in your face and fresh clean air in your nostrils is one path to joy.

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