The End Of The World

The sun expanding into a huge fiery red giant. Earth gradually being pulled into the sun, and eventually being vaporized by the giant star’s heat. One billion years left until the sun boils away the oceans and kills all the people, leaving Planet Earth a charred people-less ball.

This stuff sounds like a B-movie or a science fiction book. But it gets better.

Scientists try to tame an asteroid and force it to circle by Earth every few thousand years so that our planet is gradually nudged toward outer space, far enough to outpace the sun’s growth.

Now, it sounds like some action movie scheduled to be released for a long July 4 weekend.

But, no, I read this today on Fox News. This story details the so-called scientists’ projections for the gradual growth of the sun and the slow destruction of Earth over the next 7 billion years. Of course, they also explain how Earth has already been around for more than 3.7 billion years, though “for those first three billion years, true, we were nothing but pond scum.”

It’s just a shame that the Bible is too unbelievable for some people. It takes too much faith, you know.



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3 responses to “The End Of The World

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  2. Tom

    Not to worry, because there will be a young alien from a distant (destroyed) planet who swoops in and will have all sorts of great powers. He will ultimately push the earth to safety with his incredible flying powers and his super strength. “Look; up in the sky … it’s a bird … it’s a plane … no, it’s Bill Nye the Science Guy!”


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