The Offering Of Disappointment

I recently read a paraphrase of something Elisabeth Elliot wrote in her book A Path Through Suffering. She writes of offering our disappointment as a sacrifice to God. The writer condensed it this way, “When . . . we sacrifice our will to accept His, it’s an act of worship that honors Him greatly.”

I think Elisabeth Elliot wrote this in the context of great suffering and major disappointments, but I think it is true for any suffering and what may seem like small disappointments. I think it’s true for the daily disappointments. Any time we sacrifice our will for His will, it is an act of worship.

When I lay aside my own disappointment and accept His will, I am affirming His sovereignty and His goodness and His ability to be in charge. My spirit is recognizing Him as Lord. And that honors God. It glorifies Him. And it is an act of worship.

What disappointment do you have to offer Him? How can you sacrifice your will for His today? I challenge you — look for ways to worship Him by being a living sacrifice today. (Romans 12)



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3 responses to “The Offering Of Disappointment

  1. This was such a timely post. As Christians, many of us were somehow fed the lie that “You really shouldn’t feel like that” after crushing disappointment. I experienced it right after the first of the year. At first I tried to ignore my feelings, and found myself in a very grey place – no up, no down, no discernable boundaries. My emotions had shut down. Once I realized what was happening I went straight to the Lord and confessed my disappointment and let it bubble to the surface. I embraced it, and crawled into His lap to hand the bloody mess to Him. I was so grateful for the pain of tears! Before that I felt nothing, and could see nothing. He loves us so much. There is nothing we cannot bring to Him, and no hurt He cannot heal. The healing of my heart came quickly this time, and my love for Him has increased exponentially because of the experience.

    Thanks again for the post…


  2. Linda

    Jennifer, you are so right that we need to lay our disappointments before God. I definitely need to practice that just as I am focused now on putting everything that worries me before Him with complete trust.

    My disappointment this afternoon came when my children disobeyed me, then one of them complained when I asked for something of utmost importance be done immediately (there were toys in the driveway and I knew if they were not moved, I would run over them and probably damage our van on our way to CBS tonight). They received their consequences for their disobedience, but still I have floundered all evening in disappointment. O God, I give you my disappointment as a sacrifice of my will. I know that my children will learn from their punishment and I trust You “to produce a harvest of righteousness” (Heb. 12:11) in them as they are trained by this situation.

    I guess my disappointment was accentuated since we have been focusing on obedience as a character trait desired by God. We even read a great story in Wisdom and the Millers this morning about how it is important to be obedient quickly and with a willing heart rather than with a complaining tone that’s like vinegar to the one who asks something to be done. (Prov. 10:26 – As vinegar to the teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, so is the sluggard to them that send him.)

    Even so, I feel much better now that I’ve sacrificed that disappointment and I have a sense of peace knowing that I am training my children to recognize what is right and to understand that there are consequences for disobedience.

    Thanks for another timely post.


  3. Thank you for that. I’ve gotten a little consumed lately with woe-is-me-isms. It’s refreshing to know that I can offer that disappointment to Him in an act of worship, and that He can turn my confusion and struggles into His glory.

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