Music In The Sidebar

I created a Sonific playlist of Watermark songs. If you’d like to listen to music while you read here, you can just click the play button in the little Sonific widget to the right.

Hope you enjoy the music.



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3 responses to “Music In The Sidebar

  1. Nickole

    What a great hostess;)

  2. Julie A.

    Thank you for making this an option and not an automatic!! Personally, when functions like this are set up to play automatically it annoys me. Especially if I am reading blogs out in public. Nothing like music blasting out of your computer when you are in the library.
    Great addition!

  3. Yeah, it is set to be automatic unless you click the box to change that. When I first set it up yesterday, it was automatic. (Sorry if you stopped by during that time & it automatically started singing at you.)

    I agree, Julie, about the music popping on in public. Or at Starbucks. Or if you’re reading in the room with a sleeping baby. It also bothers me if I’m already listening to my own music on the laptop and then, suddenly, two songs are playing at once.

    On another note, (ha ha) if any of you aren’t familiar with Watermark, please listen to a couple of the songs. I really like their music.

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