Nickole’s Pancakes

My friend, Nickole, who sometimes comments on this blog, has a very yummy way of making pancakes.  I saw her idea in a MOPS cookbook and tried it out on my family last Saturday.  They were a HUGE hit in our home.   

You make your normal pancake batter — whether it’s from scratch or the Bisquick kind like I make.  And then you add cooked, crumbled up sausage to the batter.  You can either brown the sausage like you would ground beef, or you can cook the patties and then crumble them up.  So now your sausage is right in the pancake batter.  Then fry the pancakes as you usually would.   The added sausage makes the pancakes taste even more delicious.  

Because I have a couple non-sausage-eaters, I made pancakes with and without sausage, but even the non-sausage-eaters were tasting the new pancakes before breakfast was over.  And they loved it too!   

As a side-note, fixing pancakes and sausage this way will stretch the sausage out more as my boys grow and help with the food budget.  Thanks, Nickole, for a yummy recipe! 



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7 responses to “Nickole’s Pancakes

  1. crystal

    Rob has been asking me to make these–David, Aidan and I all 3 are not quite sure how we’d like the texture… Plus, David had a cow when syrup touches his breakfast meat. 😉

  2. Crystal, you should try it. Rachel does not like sausage — too chewy, too spicy, etc. But she took a big leap and tasted these pancakes, and oohed and aahed about them all morning. They are now the BEST pancakes she’s ever eaten — until, of course, she has some other pancake and it will be the best. (Everything is the best with Rachel.) 🙂

  3. Nickole

    I’m so glad your family enjoyed them! All the credit belongs to my husband’s sweet grandmother, Joretta. A note on the sausage:batter ratio; we like one pound maple sausage:two recipes pancake batter. It makes a lot, but they’re great warmed up later!

  4. Nickole, I think we used about that same ratio. (We had patties already frozen in the freezer, so I think we used about 8 or 10 patties.) And I doubled the recipe for batter. I’m thinking, though, that we could even do with a little less sausage and more batter once my boys are a little older and I’m trying to stretch the grocery budget. 🙂

  5. Oh, and I used double the batter for the sausage pancakes, and I made another recipe of batter for regular pancakes. And we had 2 pancakes left. 2.

  6. Nickole

    VERY impressive!

  7. and they’re only going to eat more as they get older.

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