Miscellaneous Monday – 12/17/07

Several weeks ago, I promised I would share some creative gift basket ideas. Life interrupted blogging for a while, but finally — here they are. (Some of these ideas are from a book called Homespun Gifts.)

1. Choose a children’s book and compile a gift basket centered around that book.

For example — “How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World” by Marjorie Priceman. Give a basket or box filled with this great children’s book and a ceramic pie plate, a pie server, a pie crust mix, a small bag of sugar, a small jar of cinnamon, a bag of apples, and a small globe.

Another example — “The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh”. Give a basket with this book, a box of Teddy Grahams, some homemade biscuits, a jar of local honey, and a small stuffed golden bear.

2. A Rainy Day Gift Basket. Fill a basket with a coloring book and crayons, a game of checkers, some bags of microwave popcorn, an umbrella, and a fun pair of rubber boots.

3. Beautiful Feet Gift Basket. This one is for your pastor’s wife or for a missionary lady. Fill a basket with foot lotions, a foot scrubber, nail polish, and a fizzy foot soak ball. Write a note including Isaiah 52:7 — “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.”

4. Family Game Night Gift Basket. Fill a box or basket with some fun family games — Jenga, Don’t Break The Ice, Connect Four, Trivial Pursuit, Candy Land, Cranium, etc. Also include some favorite snacks — chips, popcorn, boxes of candy, etc.

5. Super Sundae Gift Basket. Put all kinds of ice cream toppings in a gift basket along with some cute bowls (maybe some with a favorite character (Dora, Mickey Mouse) or with a child’s name painted on the side or just some fun-looking bowls from a Dollar Tree. Include a Pampered Chef ice cream scoop and some special napkins.

Those are all the ideas I have time for now. Maybe I’ll add more later. And you can all feel free to add your own ideas.


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