A Yummy Tradition

My sweet friend, JavaDawn has been writing about Christmas traditions over at her blog. So I thought I would tell you about one of our favorite (and certainly our yummiest) holiday traditions.

We have banana splits for breakfast on Christmas morning. I know it’s a little weird. It’s most definitely a tradition unique to our family.

Before the banana-splits-eating tradition, I made these really cute little French toast Christmas trees that I had seen in a Family Fun magazine. We made French toast, cut them in half triangularly, and sprinkled green sugar on top. Then we stacked them to look like a tree and used link sausage as the trunk. (Can you picture that?)

The problem with these cute little trees was that our children didn’t actually want to eat them. With the green sugar and the syrup, they were just sicklying-sweet. (Yes, I know . . . . and like banana splits aren’t!) Anyway, my children wouldn’t eat the French toast.

So I was sort of searching for a new Christmas morning breakfast tradition. I considered monkey-bread, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs. But none of those seemed special and unique to Christmas. So on I searched.

Then one October, my husband was out-of-town for business. He had been gone since very early Monday morning, and it was Wednesday night. The children were wired from AWANA, and I was exhausted and wanted them to go to bed. I didn’t want them to get up a hundred times to get drinks or tell me that someone else was talking. I didn’t want laughing or punching or wrestling. I just wanted them to sleep. So I resorted to bribery.

We had ice cream in the freezer and bananas on the counter. I told the children that anybody who went to bed quietly and quickly and fell right asleep would get a banana split for breakfast. Remember — it had been a difficult week; I was tired and running out of options. I had five small children and my husband was all the way in California or somewhere.

It worked! The children went to bed perfectly that night. And everyone got banana splits for breakfast the next morning. A whole banana, one and a half scoops of ice cream, a little bit of hot fudge, some nuts. It involved fruit, dairy, and protein — not a bad breakfast, really. 🙂

So a few weeks later, we were discussing what to do about Christmas breakfast. What would make a good replacement for that green French toast nobody ate? All of the children screamed out, “Banana splits!” And a favorite Christmas tradition was born.

So, one morning each year we have ice cream for breakfast. And, unlike the green French toast trees, there’s not a bit of banana split left in anyone’s bowl.



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2 responses to “A Yummy Tradition

  1. I LIKE IT!! It works for me. I wonder if I can find any takers for banana splits at MY house for Christmas morning. Hmmm….. 😉 (Like anyone would refuse?!!)

  2. We just found that we like leftover dressing, leftover mashed potatoes turned into potato pancakes and eggs for the morning after Thanksgiving breakfast. Not NEARLY as much fun – but it did help empty the frig. 🙂

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