Miscellaneous Monday – 11/12/07

Today, I’ll begin a list of great Christmas gifts for under $25. If you have any ideas, please add them.

1. P31 Woman magazine subscription for $15. This magazine is an extension of Proverbs 31 Ministries. Just click on this link to order a subscription.

2. Steven Curtis Chapman’s latest album, This Moment. $13.99 at Family Christian Stores, $13.88 at WalMart, $9.99 through iTunes.

3. Any book by author Jill Briscoe. She is a phenomenal communicator and will draw your heart closer to God.

4. Any of the Sisterchicks books by Robin Jones Gunn.

5. Two soccer balls for impoverished children in a country like Kenya. These soccer balls replace a ball of banana leaves or wads of trash. $16 through World Vision. What soccer coach wouldn’t be pleased to receive a card explaining you bought this gift in his honor?

6. Tell Me What You Know, the newest CD from Sara Groves. $14.99 if you order it from her website. $13.99 from Family Christian Stores and a portion of the proceeds goes to the James Fund, a non-profit organization that meets the needs of widows and orphans around the world.

7. While you’re at Sara Groves’ website, you should go ahead and order a copy of the NOMAD DVD featuring Sara and subtitled Just Showed Up For My Own Life. It’s $14.99.

8. A jar of home-made apple butter. You can make it in your crock-pot, and it is super-easy. Just peel and slice apples to fill your crock pot and begin to cook them on low. After the apples start to cook, sprinkle on about 2 – 3 cups of sugar and stir. After the apples have cooked down a little and the mixture has gotten somewhat juicy, sprinkle generous amounts of cinnamon and some nutmeg, ground cloves, and allspice. Mix and cook until the mixture is as smooth as it will get. Stir with a mixer on low or use a hand-blender to smooth out the remaining chunks of apple. Then spoon apple butter into canning jars. Tighten lids on and the lids will seal themselves while cooling. Easy apple butter! A great home-made gift. Give with a basket of biscuits or a loaf of bread or a basket of spice muffins.

9. Angela’s Thomas’ Do You Think I’m Beautiful?. This book will be an encouragement to any woman on your gift list. Angela’s humor and straightforwardness make you feel like you’re sitting on the sofa having conversations with her while you read this book. And her heart to help women be drawn to the Groom will bless you.

10. Ghirardelli chocolates. My favorites are milk chocolate filled with caramel, but the dark chocolate filled with caramel aren’t bad either. 🙂 And the dark chocolate filled with mint are pretty good. And the plain dark chocolate squares are yummy with coffee. Oh, yeah, and the plain milk chocolate squares are also delicious. I’m not too picky about my Ghirardelli chocolates.

Soon, I will post creative ideas for themed gift baskets.

What about you? What inexpensive gift ideas do you have?



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15 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday – 11/12/07

  1. Loved your list. I will try to put a link on my blog with reference to this as I have been doing Christmas gift ideas as well.

    Many Blessings
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  2. Oh, I LOVE gift ideas!!! I’m not ready to purchase gifts yet but I’ll keep this list in mind! 🙂

  3. Shannon K

    Stealing this idea from Laura Freeman – Pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child in honor of someone you love. Then, write them a letter letting them know what you have done and the contents of the box.

    Write a letter letting someone know how much they have influenced you or meant to you.

  4. Lucinda

    How about getting material to have older children make christmas ornaments. Then you can give these to teachers and friends and it means a little more to have them homemade by the kids. I know that Oriental Trading sells kits for reasonable prices.

  5. Great ideas!

    And Shannon, Patrick says “Actually, it was Franklin Graham’s idea.” 🙂

  6. Md, um, if I offer an idea, do I win one of these wonderful ideas? Or maybe two of them? (Like the Ghirardelli and any of the books to read while indulging?) 😉

    One little tidbit to throw in re: your apple butter, if you add just a tad bit of vinegar in there, it will keep longer in the frig. OH – one other little tidbit – make double what you want to give away. Once you have the smell of warm apple butter dancing in your nares, you aren’t going to be any too happy to give it all away. 😀

  7. Yeah, Dawn, but apple butter never lasts long in our fridge. 🙂 Last fall I made a bunch of jars and gave it all away, so this year my kids begged me to keep plenty for them. It’s really so easy I should make it often for my kids.

    Oh, and last year I made some apple butter with Splenda since I was giving some away to diabetics.

    And Dawn, sorry . . . I’m the worst at actually mailing out prizes. Just ask poor Revka who patiently waited to get the books she won! I think I won’t host contests until I can be more responsible about mailing things. 🙂 Let’s just say I recently found a stack of Christmas letters from last year that I never mailed out to anyone! And they were so cute — my children wrote the letter.

  8. So uh, that means no? (I AM the mother of a toddler, remember – that whole “no” thing is still kind of confusing around here.) 😉

  9. Nickole

    A BBC MOPS cookbook, of course…it’s a steal at 12 bucks!

  10. and there are some great recipes in there! 🙂

  11. pauseforamoment

    I have been coming to your blog for ages now – should have commented a LONG time ago! Mostly I come here through Dawn, but I think I remember you from Molly’s blog? Anyway, I so enjoy what I read and I wish you all the best in your new venture!

    I love the sound of apple butter, too, but it seems like an autumn/wintery thing and it is rather hot, here!


  12. Oh, I’m so glad you’re here, Valerie. Yeah, I guess I forget that it is a hot summer in some parts of the world. But my kids eat apple butter from the fridge all year round, just like jelly. They really like peanut butter and apple butter sandwiches. 🙂

    I have good memories of my grandparents making apple butter in the autumn. So I always think of it as a fall-food too. They made it outside in a giant pot over a real fire, stirring it with a big piece of wood. It was an experience . . . my cousins and brothers and I would play in the leaves all day while they stirred away at the massive pot of cooking apples. The crock pot method is a little less eventful, but much easier. 🙂

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  14. threetimesblessed

    Great list. Especially love Sarah Groves..she’s my fav!!! 🙂

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