Snazzy Day!


Today’s the day! If you haven’t bought your copy of Go Fish’s Snazzy, you can buy it today at your local Christian bookstore or through iTunes or HERE.




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3 responses to “Snazzy Day!

  1. Thanks for helping us get the word out about Snazzy! We appreciate it.

  2. Thanks, Jamie, for popping onto my blog. Having a famous GoFishGuy refer people to my blog and then actually stop in to leave a message is a pretty big deal around here. I’m pretty sure I’ve inched up a few notches in my kids’ opinion now.

    Speaking of my kids, I wish everyone could see the little performance they do of the Super Hero Song. They have this whole little routine they act out while singing the song. It’s so fun!

  3. crystal

    They should join my regular morning chorus on the way to school. 😉 We have 3 boys in the back seat (sometimes 4–if Aidan isn’t shouting out “Play number 2!!! Play number 2!!! since “Stories” is his favorite song) singing off beat, sometimes off key, but all singing their hearts out over “the superhero song.” Can’t wait to see your kids’ dance routine though–I’m sure it’s awesome!

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