Having Fun With My Family

Know what we had for dessert the other day? Pop Rocks. Remember that candy that sizzles and pops in your mouth? My husband found some really cheap on a clearance cart at Wal-Mart and bought enough so each of us could have a pack after lunch. The children hadn’t had this kind of candy before, and we don’t often buy candy, so it was a real treat.

We had so much fun listening to the funny noises and laughing about how funny our tongues felt. Three year old Jackson discovered that if you bite into one while it’s popping, it feels especially funny. Even little Griffin got a taste and giggled as the candy fizzled and sizzled in his mouth.

At one point, we had a little countdown and then all of us put a handful of candy in our mouths and held our mouths open to listen to the noises and try not to giggle. We had so much fun together. With 70 cent candy!

While we were laughing, I was reminded that we need to do this more often. Just have fun together. Laugh together. Be silly together. Enjoy each other.

I’m homeschooling four children, trying to keep up with the timeline and curriculum of the school they will attend later this year; I’m trying to get the house ready to sell; I’m trying to keep things clean and organized; I’m trying to catch up on laundry; I’m trying to creatively plan meals and cook on a tight budget. I have a lot of responsibility and a lot of stress. It is easy to forget to have fun and enjoy my family. If I’m not intentional about it, I usually get caught up in the work and stress and don’t have fun. So I must be intentional.

After the Pop Rocks, the children took turns jumping on the trampoline with me. We squealed and laughed and wore ourselves out. Later that day, my husband played soccer in the yard with the children. They had fun together. Today, after folding some laundry, I sat in the floor for a couple minutes and wrestled with and tickled my five year old. Later, after changing the baby’s diaper, I spent five minutes playing with him in the floor before going back to the kitchen to load the dishwasher. I am trying to remember to take moments from my busy day to have fun with my children — to tell jokes, to make silly faces, to dance together, to race each other to the mailbox, to laugh at what they think is funny.

These moments will add up to make memories, the memories they’ll take with them when they leave our home. I want those memories to be fun.



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4 responses to “Having Fun With My Family

  1. crystal

    I hear you…Jenn…why is it that you always seem to write about things that God is convicting me about? Are you reading into my brain or something? 😉

  2. Crystal, perhaps we share a brain. 🙂 If so, can I please have it back? I miss it.

  3. crystal

    that could be…you’ve got half and I’ve got the other half… 🙂

  4. Oh, yes! I forget all too often to take the time to enjoy my family and help them make happy memories. Thanks for the reminder.

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