I Think This Counts As School

written Thursday morning

I really should be homeschooling the children now; but they have been having so much fun all morning, I’ve hated to interrupt them. And, I suppose, taking a shower and doing laundry and drinking a cup of coffee while it was still warm also tempted me to let them play.

They put on explorer clothes and hats, packed a backpack of supplies, grabbed two compasses, and set off on their journey. “We’re going north,” shouted one child. And the others crowded around to read the compass. Then they marched on.

After they finished their travels, one of my sons zipped on his Spiderman costume to fight the Bad Guys, portrayed convincingly by his two brothers. After chasing down the criminal and reminding his brother how wrong it is to steal wallets, Spiderman returned it to its rightful owner.

While the boys acted out their moral tale, the girls were in their room developing a very involved story-line for the Loving Family dolls. Somehow, all of this was happening with no arguing, no tattling. Blissfully, I wrote thank-you notes to some friends and sipped my hot coffee.

Now, my boys are watching the Beginner Bible Story of Daniel in the lion’s den. It’s my Caleb’s favorite Bible story. I’d like to think that’s because of the deep spiritual lessons of obedience and God’s Sovereignty and His power; but I really think it’s all about the lions and their big mouths. Anyway, while my boys watch this movie, they are sort of acting it out. They assigned roles at the start of the movie, and occasionally one of them will stand and move his mouth when a cartoon character speaks. At one point, Daniel in the movie broke into song, and my other boys all exclaimed, “Silas, you sing so well! You have a great voice!”

Somehow, I think all this playing together and not fussing and arguing is better than school today. They’ve already created several short stories (in the oral tradition, of course), and they’ve learned leadership skills in assigning roles and choosing costumes. They have practiced some map-reading skills and learned about North, South, East, and West. They’ve had their Bible and character lessons for the day with the story of Daniel and the lesson about the evils of stealing wallets. When Caleb and Silas traded candy for gum (that they bought at the AWANA store last night), they learned how to barter and about a free marketplace; and during our discussion of who has AWANA shares left and who spent them all, they learned about financial planning and money-management skills. And when Caleb made a slide for his little brothers using his legs propped up on a Lego table, I’m pretty sure that was some engineering lesson.

Maybe we have done school today. I’m going to fold some more laundry and drink another cup of coffee. We might do some textbook work this afternoon. Or we may snuggle up together and read a book.



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6 responses to “I Think This Counts As School

  1. crystal

    Fun–wish I could have come over to “play” too. It sounds like it was a fun day. I was lunch mom at DCA for David’s class yesterday and really enjoyed his cuddles, hugs, kisses (he sat on me for at least half of recess), then we built a Lego house together after lunch.

  2. Sounds like school to me!!! πŸ™‚

  3. What a great day! I love how much “real life” has to teach our kids.

  4. Martha

    Good for you, Jenn! Sometimes I feel like we’re not “doing school” if the books and worksheets are not out, but I am really trying to remind myself every day that one of the reasons we homeschool is not to be tied to books and worksheets!

    I also guess your mother’s heart was filled to overflowing as you listened to and watched your children engaging each other, using their creativity and imagination, and practicing the things they know. What a blessing to just sit back and watch!

  5. good for you – I have been having those same discussions… enjoy – enjoy – enjoy!!! πŸ™‚ laugh at their corny jokes, encourage them even, smile at their goofiness and be goofy back… why is it hard sometimes? it seems crazy that it would be!

  6. yeah. It’s when I allow the tasks and to-do lists to overwhelm and overtake me that I turn into the mom-who-is-no-fun. But I want to enjoy life.

    I read a quote the other day that said something like -life would be so much more fun if it weren’t so daily. ha ha I can understand that. But I want to enjoy the daily part. The daily is what makes up our children’s memories and real education.

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