More Sara Groves

On her new CD, Sara Groves has a new song called Song For My Sons. You can listen to a snippet of it at her website, and you can get her new CD on November 6th. The chorus goes like this:

and when the cold wind blows like i know it will
and when you feel alone like i know you will
and when the cold wind blows like i know it will

don’t let your love grow
don’t let your love grow
don’t let your love grow cold

She was inspired a section of Matthew 24. Jesus, speaking about the End of the Age, encourages His followers, “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.”

As evil increases, our first instict will probably be to retreat, to pull back into our homes with our children and close up the doors and windows and be safe. Our first instinct is to stop loving those outside, to let our love grow cold. But Jesus encourages us not to do that. He encourages us to stand firm and love with His love and trust Him to keep us safe.

As Sara said in our small seminar, “pulling back, retreating, seems safer but it robs our children.” We rob our children of the blessing of loving like Jesus and trusting Him.

As evil around me gets worse and worse, I don’t want to pull back and be safe. I want to stand firm and love greatly. I want to be ready for every good work and I want to meet urgent needs (Titus 3). I want to reflect Christ and His love as the world grows darker and colder. I don’t want my love to grow cold.



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2 responses to “More Sara Groves

  1. Great post. Ya know, after you commented I bought that Sara Groves album. The one with It’s Going to be Alright. I love it! I’m a fan now. Great recommendation, great reflections here. Thanks.

  2. Oh, good, Kathy! Honestly, when I was struggling with my impending surgery, I would play that song and God used it to bring me such comfort. Sara’s soothing voice and the repetition of “It’s Going to Be Alright,” along with the other lyrics were exactly what I needed.

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