Miscellaneous Monday – Oct. 1, 2007

Three jobs I’ve had:

1. I taught elementary school before I had babies of my own. My first year of teaching, I was 22 and teaching both 3rd and 4th grades in a small Christian school. I didn’t really know what in the world I was doing, but I learned as I went along. One of those students is now the age I was when I was her teacher, and she’s teaching my children in Children’s Church and VBS at our church.

2. For a while, I worked for a transportation museum, leading tours and visiting schools as an outreach educator. I knew a lot about the history of transportation, and I could make a mean helicoptor with a strip of paper, a pair of scissors, and a strategically-placed paper clip.

3. I was a receptionist for a local radio station. I answered the phone; I scheduled the commercials; and I even wrote some copy for a few commercials. I also was the only one at the station who knew how to change the toner on the copy machine. This was in 1994. I organized and updated the filing system and took over some billing responsibilities, and I still often had time to read a book (which lets you know what a small-time operation this was). When I struggled to use the old manual typewriter and asked for something more modern, I was allowed to use the only Selectrix in the building. Finally, I was even allowed to use a word processor, or as the owner of the station referred to it, “that crazy typewriter with a television screen built in.”



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7 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday – Oct. 1, 2007

  1. 1. I know that very few drugstores serve ice cream and soda anymore… but I am old. I was a soda jerk!

    2. I was a security guard at Woolco. Since Woolco met its demise in 1983, that is another truth that ages me.

    3. I worked for 20 years as a registered nurse. I have a masters degree in critical care nursing… so I have been a bedside nurse, a nurse administrator a consultant and a nurse educator. Now, I guess I am a school nurse. 😀

  2. Patrick

    1) I worked at Chic-fil-A for 3 years in high school (and I STILL love all their food!)

    2) I put insulation down in attics one summer . . . what was I thinking?

    3) In Graduate School I worked for a newspaper for no money. However, I was given free passes to the local theater so, although we were poor, we went to the movies many nights of the week.

  3. I was a waitress for a short time, I was a cashier at Sam’s Club, and I worked in an insurance office for a short time as well. Most of my “working life” I’ve been a mom though. 🙂

  4. Gmama

    1. I taught school over a period of 33 years. One of the students I taught early on is now my dentist and another is our church hostess and a gormet cook.

    2. I worked in a shoe store during high school and college. I remember most of the shoes being $3.99 and $4.99 a pair. A really expensive pair would be $8.99. I also was paid $5.00 a day.

    3. We owned a restaurant for a while when I first started teaching. Many times I would have to work the evening shift when a regular worker was not there. I also worked Saturday and Sunday. We only had one child during that time and only ate three meals at home in two years. I never spilled coffee on a customer, but did turn over a glass if ice water in a gentleman’s lap. He sure was glad it wasn’t coffee!

  5. crystal

    1. I was a childcare worker with the University of Oregon Childcare Center until I was almost 4 months pregnant with my oldest (this is while I was working to finish my undergraduate degree).

    2. I was the weekend prep cook, then hostess and then waitress at Treaty Grounds Brew Pub in Moscow, Idaho my sophomore year in college (I had just finished a 6-hour shift after working for 7 hours for the University of Idaho’s College of Business and Economics Dean’s Office when Rob and I left to go for a walk at a local park to propose to me). Oh, I still have my nametag from when I worked there.

    3. I was a copy machine attendant (and also answered phones during my boss’ lunch break) for the CBE (College of Business and Economics) my freshman and sophomore years of college…it was a work study job (and was how I met Rob, actually). It led into the summer job administrative assistant position for the CBE Dean’s office that I worked the summer Rob and I became engaged.

  6. WV Grammy

    1. I worked in the publicity office at West Virginia Wesleyan College for several months while the regular secretary was on medical leave. My weekly pay was way less that $100. I thought I was making good money.

    2. I worked in the bookkeeping department at a local bank while Jerry was overseas with the U.S. Air Force serving in the Philippines and Viet Nam. After he returned home, I quit to be a stay-at-home mom for the next 15 years.

    3. I worked as a legal secretary for a local attorney for over 3 years and when he closed his practice, I went to work at another local law firm where I have worked for almost 17 years.

  7. Martha

    1. I played piano and directed our church choir during my junior and senior years of high school. I made $50 a week! I wished I’d saved some…who knows where that money went? 🙂

    2. I worked as a temp secretary in the engineering and environmental department at an oil processing company in Shreveport, LA, right after we were married.

    3. I taught seventh and ninth grade language arts and literature in Shreveport at a Christian school (where John David Booty, star quarterback of #1 ranked USC, and brothers graduated from) and then combinations of freshman English, acting, and a quarter of Algebra 1 at a Christian school once we moved here to Colorado Springs.

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