Love Is Still A Worthy Cause

In a seminar last weekend, Sara Groves said “Love is still a worthy cause.” She said that sometimes we have to enter into lost causes because of love, because love is the worthy cause.

Sometimes we know going into a situation that we are investing in someone who will not yield a great return. We are visiting the guy in prison who will go right back to his drug habit the minute he is released. We are pouring our love into a family member who, in all likelihood, will not change, who will always be a mess. We are giving money to someone who will probably spend it on all the wrong things. We are investing money and time and energy and love in a lost cause.

Sara reminded us that it’s worth it. It’s worth the risk of being taken advantage of. It’s worth the risk of being used. It’s worth the risk of “wasting” our resources. Because love is still a worthy cause.

I can pour myself into someone who seems like a lost cause because I was that lost cause. I want to say that again. I was a lost cause when Jesus chose to spend Himself for me. I do not always yield a great return. I often go right back to those sins that easily entrap me. I am a mess. I was a lost cause. And Jesus knew that going into it. Yet He chose to pour His love into me; He chose to invest everything He had in me; He chose to completely spend Himself for me.

Love is always a worthy cause.



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5 responses to “Love Is Still A Worthy Cause

  1. Kari

    I’ve really been enjoying hearing about the MOPS convention – from Sara Groves to Go Fish. I especially appreciate this post. Sara’s music has had a profound effect on me this past year. The Lord has really been using words through her to pierce my heart in some hardened places. I agree. Love is always a worthy cause!


  2. Oh, Kari. I’m so glad to see your comment pop up here. 🙂 God has worked through Sara Groves so much to speak right into my heart. And after meeting her and listening to her speak of what she is passionate about, I like her so much more. I’m going to be posting (hopefully later this week) about something she said that really resonated with me. Teaser: it has to do with buffalo. 🙂 Sort of.

  3. Martha

    This was especially good for me to read, since a fellow youth worker and I were discussing continuing to give to and invest in the lives of some youth that are particularly difficult right now.

    I needed this. Thanks.

  4. Martha, I remember working with some of our youth and how frustrating it could be. We struggled with feelings of “we have to keep loving these kids” and “these teenangers are maligning the name of Jesus and the reputation of our church.” I think there are times when we must pray for great wisdom and seek God’s face so that we best represent Him. And, of course, there are times when the most loving thing we can do is exercise some tough love. And I don’t think there are cookie-cutter answers, which means my response to the exact same actions of two different people may be entirely different.

    Well, now that I’ve made all that as clear as mud . . . 🙂

  5. Gmama

    My husband and I have the philosophy that there are some things that need doing and there will never be a reward (man’s terms) for it. There are those with whom we come in contact that are “lost causes,” but because we love them, meeting their needs become necessary. It might be the guy who mows the grass and picks up garbage and needs
    new tires or brakes for his truck. He may spend most of his money on the gambling machines, but we are still called to help take care of him and love him with the love of the Lord.

    It is similar to the stories we hear when we go on short term missions and see that there is so much need. Maybe we can only help a little, but as with the starfish, it makes a difference to the ones we do help. “Love still is a worthy cause.”

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