I’m Feeling Snazzy!

October 9th. Mark your calendar! This is the release date for the brand-new Go Fish CD, “Snazzy”

This is really music for your kids that won’t drive you bonkers.

Overall, a little louder and more rock-n-roll than their previous albums, “Snazzy” does have some Go Fish trademark bee-boppy acapella songs, like “Saved” and “Bible Book Bop,” which will teach your children the books of the Bible. Because they thought “American Kid” needed to rock a little more, they hired a band to play for that song. It definitely rocks.

Though “Jammies” probably won’t calm your children down for bed, it is a really fun song and dancing to it can help wear your kids out before bedtime. My boys love “Superhero,” the song Jamie Statema says was inspired by his very own cape-wearing superheroes. And “Stories” is a fun way to reinforce some favorite history lessons from the Bible.

Every mom at the MOPS Convention absolutely loved “The Mom Song.” With a catchy tune and fun words like,

“You’re the boss, the driver,
The ultimate survivor,
A doctor, a cooker,
Your man thinks you’re a looker,
If you work all day but you never get paid,
You’re a mom”

you moms are sure to love this tribute.

The Go Fish guys do not take lightly the privilege and responsibility of entering into the lives of our families. These guys will reinforce the things you’re trying to teach your children, and they’ll give you a great reason to crank up the music and dance around the living room.

October 9th — that’s the date you can buy “Snazzy” at your local Christian retailer or directly from the Go Fish guys’ website, where shipping is always free.

(And no, I’m not getting paid anything to say all this. We just really love their music and want to tell everyone we know about these three dads who are impacting their world with the Good News in a really fun way.)



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2 responses to “I’m Feeling Snazzy!

  1. Ariel

    I have not heard “Go Fish” yet, but as the mom of a small child that LOVES music, we will be DL’ing it soon! Have you heard this? http://www.dogonfleas.com/
    My kiddo loves Dog on Fleas and so does every parent I have introduced to it. No, I don’t get a dime from them either! 😉

  2. Susan

    We live in SD, where Jamie is originally from. We go to see them every chance we get. Their concerts are so much fun, but my kids (4 of them ages 9 – 17) get embarrassed because I dance around as much as the younger kids (I’m 51). I am SO HAPPY that they are finally getting recognized for their fabulous music. The only problem with that is that the more they travel, the less time they have for concerts around here. We own every single CD (children and adult) they have, and duplicates of some because my kids were fighting over them. I listen to Go Fish almost every day on my MP3 while I walk. Their Christmas CD’s are awesome (check out “Christmas with a Capital C” and “It’s About the Cross”)!! I love the messages their music sends to the children of all ages. I think their “Snazzy” song sums it up: “We decided to be done chasin’ number ones ‘Cuz we’re havin’ way more fun with the kids.” Their music fills a very real need. I think they won’t be underrated for long!

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