Miscellaneous Monday

Three things I learned in Florida:

1. When there are more than 4500 women in a building, there’s going to be a line for the bathroom.

2. There are lots of different kinds of flip-flops. Who knew? I’ve seen rhinestone flip-flops, flip-flops with heels, hot pink and blue and red and light pink and white and black flip-flops, purple polka-dotted flip-flops, flip-flops with huge flowers, flip-flops with huge bows, cheap-looking flip-flops, and flip-flops that probably cost as much as this computer. 🙂

3. A $3 diet coke does not taste any better than a $1 diet coke.



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4 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Julie

    Your number one is so funny! I just got back from Care Net’s national conference this week in Louisville, and it was hilarious as women super- imposed themselves at the door at the men’s rest rooms so that the lines to the ladies rooms would not be so long. Between my teaching sessions I had to think strategically about when I could go to the bathroom to actually use the women’s!
    Can’t wait to see you guys soon.


  2. crystal

    Haha! I loved your #3–it’s so true! Sometimes that more expensive Diet Coke doesn’t taste nearly as good as the cheap one though (especially when it’s a fountain drink and the syrup or the carbonation has run out–blech!). Sounds like you had a great time at convention though! Happy belated birthday!

  3. thanks, Crystal. I did have a happy birthday, and my Lauren made me coffee and scrambled eggs and my Rachel made me toast for breakfast this morning.

    Julie, guess you should have taken a toy pot to go in. It worked for Caleb this morning. Ugh! Can you say antibacterial cleaner?!

  4. But a $3 diet Pepsi would trump any other diet cola any day! I always pay $1.25 for my sodas. I get one, refrigerated… to drink on the way home from the grocery store. It is my treat for even doing that chore. I really doubt I could talk myself through the door otherwise!

    Sounds like you had fun!

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