Miscellaneous Monday – Sept. 17, 2007

Three things we found during our cleaning and sorting and placed in the family memory box —

1. an infant t-shirt and blanket printed with a stork and the words “Delivered by Dr. James Weston” — our first couple children had the t-shirts and the boys had the blankets

2. handwritten notes and cards from my grandma

3. a picture and declaration Lauren made while playing with her brothers and sisters — on it, a queen dressed in purple and sitting on a throne and the words “Ye shall obey Queen Lauren and do everything she says. Even if she says to jump off a brige [sic] ye shall obey her and do it.”

Yeah, we definitely want to keep these things. 🙂

What about you? What things have you saved?



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7 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday – Sept. 17, 2007

  1. ya ready for this? I kept the foot of the first toad I dissected in high school… not sure you wanted us to go that far back! But that is pretty random.

    By the way, my high school was none other than Numonohi Christian Academy in PNG… I just noticed your NTM link after Lynn (choosinghome long ago) told me last weekend. 🙂

    And yes the dedication was lovely. Yes, I want you to know that ALL my homeschool days are just like that church service… relevant hands on experiences… all day long… ok, NOT 🙂

  2. ha ha ha ha ha Renee. 🙂 Yeah, mine too.

    Where is that academy in PNG? I was in Goroka and the Yagusa Valley years ago. Back in 1991.

  3. I regret to say that since I have failed to completely unpack since moving into this house so long ago that it would be embarrassing to share publicly… I cannot participate in this weeks Miscellaneous Monday. I have not found anything. I still have boxes and boxes of stuff, room dander, junk even…

    Hope all is going well as you prepare your house for the market. Why is it that we spend time fixing up our house for future owners?

  4. good question, Julie. I suppose because there may be no future owner if we didn’t do some work around here. 🙂

  5. crystal

    I’m embarrassed at all of the stuff I can’t seem to let go of. 🙂 Just look in my craft island (you’ll find a tote bag I received for Christmas the year I was in kindergarten that says “I (heart) teacher”), the stocking from my very first Christmas, my cheerleading warm-up suit that I wore to practice or when I cheered at football games my senior year; my letterman’s jacket, my name tag from the restaurant I worked at in college, leftover printed napkins from our wedding, newsclippings from middle school and beyond, all of my old report cards, almost every piano lesson book I’ve ever used (they might come in handy someday!)…

  6. Numonohi is in Goroka 🙂

  7. too cool, Renee! I stayed at a hostel there for a night. And I walked through the markets while nationals stopped me to touch my skin or stroke my hair. I’m so white.

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