How Do You Answer This Question?

Our teens recently surveyed people at the mall and the bank and Wal-Mart. We were shocked at the results.

Then I read a woman’s comment that she’d asked on her blog “What is the Gospel” and only one person answered correctly.

And last night, our pastor was telling about visiting homes when he did a church plant and the interesting ways people answered his questions. So I’m curious.

What is the Gospel?

Everyone who answers in my comments section gets the chance to win something we find as we clean out our house, something we would have taken to Goodwill or donated to our church library. It could be a book or a game or a necktie or a Christmas towel set or a Buns-of-Steel video I won in a White Elephant Christmas game. Who knows what we’ll uncover! We’ll plan to draw a name and announce a winner on Sept. 18.

So, tell me . . . What is the Gospel?



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10 responses to “How Do You Answer This Question?

  1. I’m not surprised that people no longer know what the Gospel is; it has been watered down so much that many times there is nothing left.

    According to I Corinthians 15:3-4 (the Gospel in a nutshell) Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day. That is the very essence of the Gospel. There are other important aspects, such as His deity, Virgin birth, and sinless life, but the essence is His death, burial, and resurrection.

    Do I pass? 🙂

  2. The Gospel is the glory of the Trinity made apparent in His work to unite every person to union with Himself, relationship with others, to completeness of life, and to synchronization with Creation, in the framework of community for the good of all.

    I will add to Revka…

    1 Cor. 15:1-4, Now I make known to you brethren, the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received, in which also you stand, by which also you are saved, if you hold fast the word which I preached to you, unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures…”

    Simply stated…it’s the rules to that “saved” thing…

  3. Lisa

    The Good News!!

    (Do I get an award for shortest answer?)

  4. Jesus (I figured I go for the shortest answer award too! not that I’m competitive or anything) 😉

  5. Martha

    Very cool you are doing this!

    Holy God, in love, became
    Perfect man to bear my blame
    On the cross he took my sin
    By his death I live again

    –“The Gospel Song” by Drew Jones, music by Bob Kauflin (look for it on iTunes or at

  6. How about this: “STOP. Can’t you all see it’s time for a complete change in direction? A change in priorities. A change in thinking? A change in what we think makes us who we are? The Spirit of God is stirring in the world and something entirely new is breaking in. Can’t you hear the demons raging? They know their time is short. The entire world system with all that binds and decieves and twists and destorys lives, that system is about to pass away, along with all who give it their allegiance. The very Presence and rule of the One True God is stirring like a gathering storm just outside the door and nothing we can do will hold it back. It’s here. Already the old way is crumbling. So turn around. Jesus makes it possible. Embrace the new way. The holy. The pure. The right. Love. It’s time.”

  7. I heard a sermon today where the pastor expressed that submission to Christ was the core of the gospel. He said, “If you take submission out of your definition of what it means to be a Christian you lose the meaning of being a Christian.”

    I have never been taught that, and have always been told that the gospel was about believing in Christ, but never had heard submission as a part of “the good news”. I believe that submission to the Lord should be something we grow in to and learn through our relationship, but now am left puzzled if I am missed something. Do you think it is part of the gospel?
    (Did you realize someone would remember your post on the gospel 21 months later?)

  8. Sherie, interesting that you should ask this now. 🙂 Our Sunday School class has been discussing grace and works and grace and Lordship salvation. I think I realized during our weeks of studying and discussing this in class that I have actually changed my thinking on this issue some in the past few years.

    A few years ago, I probably would have agreed with that statement — that the Gospel somehow involves submission. But then, I think, that would be adding in my work of submission to what Christ did. And salvation is by faith plus nothing.

    The Gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. When I believe that Christ died for my sins, was buried, and rose again, that is faith and that is salvation.

    Submission is part of the process of becoming His disciple, and that comes after salvation. I don’t think it is part of salvation. (Of course, some would argue it takes a bit of submission to recognize we are sinners and need Jesus’ death to atone for us.)

    I think learning to submit to the Lord is a process. Some believers will learn quickly — because of their natural personality and disposition or because of their immersing themselves in the Word or because of their overwhelming gratitude or because of the teaching they hear at their church, etc.). Some believers will learn this with stops and starts and two steps forward, one step back. Some believers will learn submission at a snail’s pace and many may question whether they really belong to Christ or not. We don’t know other’s hearts; we only know our own.

    I have been a Christian for a long time, and I still struggle with submission. I really, really like to do what I want to do (as my daughter would say). In many ways, I have submitted to the Lord with my life, but there are still things I cling to. If submission is part of salvation, then how much submission is enough? Total submission? I don’t know anyone who has gotten to that point! Submission in the big, important things? Well, who decides what is big and important?

    I think this is the same problem we run into when we say obedience is part of salvation. When we say we much choose to obey in order to choose life (when we take those Old Testament verses out of context), we have the problem of how much obedience is enough. None of us are completely obedient or else we wouldn’t need a Savior. So how much obedience is enough for choosing life?

    Those are my rambling thoughts on the matter, Sherie. And, yes, I am surprised you remembered this post from so long ago. I didn’t even remember it.

  9. Thanks so much for your insight! It really helped. I had to laugh because I heard of Lordship salvation for the first time about one hour before reading your post. I was raised with idead similar to what you described your belief as now, and that is what I have always held to, but the sermon I heard seemed right too so I was puzzled. I really liked how you put it, “that would be adding in my work of submission to what Christ did”. God doesn’t need us to add anything to his gospel, in fact God doesn’t need us at all, but he wants us and that is where our free desire to submit in a growing and loving relationship is so beautiful.

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