Miscellaneous Monday – July 30, 2007

This week is Vacation Bible School at our church. I’ll share 3 memories of VBS from when I was a child.

1. I remember Bible School at my grandma’s church the summer I was 4 years old. It was the summer before I started kindergarten, and I remember the classroom with the low table and little chairs. I met Dawn, who would be my friend throughout all of school and would be my college roommate for two years, plus a summer. Dawn’s mom was one of the teachers. Later, she would buy a toothbrush for me to keep at their house. Years after that, she would make pepperoni rolls and cookies and bring to our dorm room.

2. I remember Bible School on the lawn of my grandma’s church. I don’t remember the theme, but we traveled from center to center doing activities and playing games and making crafts that all related to the lesson. I think I remember something we made from brown leather. And I remember eating snacks and drinking Kool-Aid in the cool basement.

3. I remember Bible School at our tiny church. I remember Aunt Barbara helping us make bowls out of wooden craft sticks. It sat on my dresser for years holding watches and money and elaborately-folded notes my friends gave me at school.

**Bonus — I remember all the crafts from the 70’s — lots of macaroni art and things made from toothpicks or craft sticks and fuzzy little pom-poms.

How about you? What do you remember from VBS?



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4 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday – July 30, 2007

  1. stuartdelony

    1. It was our first event at a church in a new town (we had just moved to Atlanta when I was 8). My VBS teacher’s name was Katherine Warren, a silver haired prayer warrior. She took to me immediately and kept me under her wing. Except the only thing was she could never remember my name. She always called me Steven (my name is Stuart). This continued till I was in high school (when she died). She was an amazing woman who prayed for me constantly through my teenage years. Thank God for that woman. Also thank God that He knows it was me she was praying for and not Steven.

    2. Best snow cones ever!

    3. Bounce house! Our church would bust out the old bouncy house twice a year and VBS was one of those time. Classic.

  2. Thanks, Steven. šŸ™‚

  3. 1. The first one I remember at my church in eastern Washington had the fruit of the Spirit theme. The “theme song” from that one stuck with me and I remember feeling really excited when I was in high school teaching kids this very same song that I had learned years earlier.

    2. I used to go to VBS when I’d stay with my grandma. Denny would pick kids up in one of the church vans (or in a school bus) and would drive us out to his and his wife Theresa’s farm. They had big tents set up and we’d sing, listen to the Bible story, learn Bible verses (that is when I learned Eph. 4:32). We’d also go on hay rides on the farm, ride horseback through the evergreen trees and have a wonderful time. Although, Friday we were allowed to drink as much Kool-Aid as we wanted (before then, we were only ever allowed to have 1 cup/day), and I always managed to get sick and Grams had to come pick me up. I did get to meet Lisa, Denny and Theresa’s daughter, who became a very dear friend of mine.

    3. One year, a group from the Bremerton, Washington area came to help put on a VBS at one of our local churches. They had so much of this amazing energy and taught us all a lot of really fun songs (Pharaoh, Pharaoh being my favorite that I taught to my cousins and am currently teaching my boys).

    **I volunteered with VBS in various capacities through middle school and high school and eventually started one at the church we went to in Oregon and held one at my house this summer. Let’s just say that I LOVE VBS!!! šŸ™‚

  4. Crystal, you’re welcome to come hang out at our VBS tonight or Wed. or Thurs. I intended to invite you all, but I haven’t been very on-the-ball this summer.

    We’re having a rescue theme, and there are lots of firefighter and National Guard and policeman things around. We even have a rope ladder hanging from the balcony of our church. So far, we’ve manage to keep our boys from climbing it. Major miracle!

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