My Eye’s Twitching And I Want Ravioli For Breakfast

Yesterday a friend’s eye was twitching. She was annoyed. I told her that my eye always twitched when I was pregnant. She assured me that wasn’t the case with her. Then, of course, we started talking about how we knew we were pregnant.

See, the eye twitch was part of what tipped me off with baby #4, Silas. I was still nursing Caleb, baby #3, who was 9 months old, and I didn’t even think it was likely for me to be pregnant. I had prayed several weeks earlier, asking God to give us another boy, a best friend for little Caleb, if He knew I wouldn’t go crazy having another baby so soon. But I didn’t really expect Him to answer so quickly. And so I wasn’t really expecting to be expecting. But my eye started twitching. And I was really tired. But I did have 3 children 3 and under, so I still never considered I might be pregnant. Until I ate Kraft macaroni and cheese at a friend’s house during a play-date. I love Kraft macaroni and cheese — fake bright orange coloring and all. But that day, I felt so sick –absolutely sick– after eating. And when the children and I came home for naptime, I was so nauseaus and exhausted, and my eye kept that incessant twitching. I remember looking in the bathroom mirror while washing my hands, when the lightbulb went off. Exhaustion, getting sick from macaroni and cheese, eye twitches. I must be pregnant! We’re having a baby brother for Caleb! I bought a pregnancy test to confirm things, but I knew that moment in front of the bathroom mirror.

With Lauren, my first, I knew the minute I wanted Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee ravioli for breakfast. My cycle should have started a couple days before, but my grandfather had died that day and there was a lot of stress, and I knew pregnancy was possibility because we were hoping, but I didn’t feel sure at all. Until we were leaving early in the morning to pick up my brother and his family from the airport, and I was looking in the pantry to see what would taste good for breakfast. Suddenly, I saw that can of ravioli and thought it would be the most delicious breakfast ever. My dad and husband suggested we pick up breakfast biscuits from Hardee’s, so I never actually ate the ravioli for breakfast; I just really, really wanted to. And that was the moment I knew we were going to have our first baby. A pregnancy test later that day confirmed it. (And finding out I was pregnant with our first child moments before going to the funeral home to receive visitors and stand beside my granddad’s casket was an experience for a different blog post.)

With Rachel, we were hoping for another baby. Then we went out for a double date with friends. We saw a movie and went to IHOP to have breakfast for dinner. I couldn’t even finish my pancakes. The syrup made me feel so sick. It was just too sweet. When I said it was too sweet, my husband and our friends looked at me with knowing eyes. Joe, the husband-friend, wanted to stop at the store for me to buy an EPT right then. I wasn’t so sure about the whole event being so public an experience. So I laughed it off and insisted we just go on home. Of course, as soon as they left that night, one of us ran out to buy an EPT. Sure enough, I was expecting Rachel. Of course, the next day at church, that couple wanted to know if the EPT confirmed the pancakes-are-too-sweet test.

I took a pregnancy test to confirm my pregnancy with Caleb just a few minutes before we went to have passport photos taken. I look so happy in my passport photo. I was like half a day late and was hoping for a baby.

When I became pregnant with Jackson, I was still nursing Silas, who was about 1. Suddenly, Silas began acting very hungry, like he wasn’t getting enough milk. He also wasn’t interested in nursing as he had been; it was like he had no patience when we sat down to nurse. And this kid loved to nurse. But I could just tell I didn’t have as much milk. I also was so tired, all of a sudden. Well, I’d experienced the milk thing before — when I was pregant with Silas, in addition to the eye-twitching and nausea, I was also suddenly being woken up in the night by Caleb who was STARVING. I didn’t realize until later that my milk was drying up because of the pregnancy. So when it happened this time, that lightbulb went off in my head again. Could I be pregnant again? Maybe that’s why Silas is suddenly having issues with nursing. Maybe I barely have milk! Sure enough, that was it.

And finally, with Griffin, I was sort of watching for signs. We knew he was a possibility. So when my eye twitched one day and I began to have that tell-tale exhaustion (the placenta-making exhaustion) and I became a little obsessed with fried cheese sticks, I knew it was time to buy the test.

Ladies, how about you? When did you know you were expecting? Men, did anything make you suspect your wife was pregnant? Or maybe you have an announcement to make here at my blog. πŸ™‚ (I LOVE pregnancy announcements.)



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9 responses to “My Eye’s Twitching And I Want Ravioli For Breakfast

  1. sim

    no announcement, i’m afraid 😦 however, I have always known I was preg because i have woken up really really wanting toast and vegemite for breakfast (it’s an aussie thing..!).
    Your mention of finding out you were preg just before your grandfather’s funeral brought back memories for me. my wonderful grandma, whom I loved dearly, so wanted a great-grandchild. i found out I was preg just before her funeral (and I was SO sick that day!). sigh.

  2. No tell-tale signs for me…that I know of anyways. I had attributed my being tired and late from having final projects due for college when I found out that I was pregnant with David. We found out on Father’s day that we were pregnant after having spent a week camping in the Washington Cascades. I did crave jalepeno poppers from Pyramid Brewery on the way home (and Rob stopped there for me, but they no longer carried that as a menu item–drat!) With Aidan, I was late and thinking nothing of it when I was talking to a friend of mine from college who had just recently found out she was pregnant. She convinced me to go to the store and buy the test and find out. I did that secretly and surprised Rob with the positive pregnancy test in his birthday present. πŸ™‚

  3. sim, and I hope you’ve always lived somewhere you could get vegemite — like Australia. πŸ™‚

    Crystal, what a fun birthday gift! And I think it’s pure torture for the jalepeno poppers to not be on the menu. I remember when I was pregnant with Lauren & I really wanted a chocolate milkshake (not that I have to be pregnant to really want a chocolate milkshake, but I digress). I stopped on the way home from school at Hardee’s, and their shake machine was broken. So I drove to McDonald’s and their shake machine was being cleaned. So I drove home. That evening, Patrick took me to Burger King after Bible Study with some college kids. Would you believe their shake machine was out of order?! He ended up going to Wendy’s and getting me a frosty, which isn’t exactly the same thing but it was close enough. He said he felt like a Sitcom husband, going to every restaurant in town in search of a chocolate milkshake. πŸ™‚

  4. Nickole

    Our first two girls were no surprise to us…they had been planned with exact scientific precision (I’ve loosened up a LOT since then)! Sidney was definitely God’s plan, not mine;) I found out I was expecting her about a week after I had told my doctor that I was, “definitely NOT pregnant”. I was there for a mysterious headache that I usually only get…while pregnant. Nobody can ever tell me He doesn’t have a sense of humor!!!

  5. With my daughter, I suspected I was pregnant when I went to lift a box and felt very dizzy and close to passing out. (I don’t usually become dizzy and faint after lifting things). I also began to have nausea that day.

    With my son, we hadn’t planned for me to get pregnant again just yet, but God had a different plan! Two to three days before I took a pregnancy test, I was highly suspicious. I can still remember, on the day of my niece’s birthday party, feeling very emotional, “hormonal,” sensitive, and easily provoked! What really “tipped me off” though, was when I visited the bathroom at the party. My sister-in-law had left a scented candle in the bathroom. The smell instantly overwhelmed me–I suddenly had a bad headache and extreme nausea. Not to mention, I REALLY wanted to throw that candle out the window! Scented candles don’t usually evoke such violent notions in me! Really, I “knew” at that moment!

  6. Welcome, Janet. That is really funny about the scented candle. I can understand. πŸ™‚

  7. Tiredness. Strange cravings. Hungry nursing babies….sounds like you, without the eye twitching! πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed hearing your stories. πŸ™‚

  8. Sarah

    I stumbled on your site while researching a twitching eye during pregnancy and loved the stories. They are so fun. I knew when I was feeling nauseas, and I couldnt keep down easter dinner. Chicken was my favorite food, so when I decided to send it back up I figured that I must be pregnant. Sure enough I am. 19 weeks this sunday with a girl to be exact. And, My eye twitch is as bothersome and annoying as ever!!

  9. Sarah, congratulations!

    My eye was twitching the other day. First time I remember having a twitching eye when I wasn’t pregnant. And I’m definitely not pregnant.

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