Miscellaneous Monday – July 23, 2007

After a brief hiatus, Misc. Monday is back. Please play along. 🙂

Three Things I Learned In Brazil —

a. Manicures and pedicures are cheap there.
b. Photographs of a girl getting a manicure and pedicure on a mission trip make it look like she didn’t do much work. (Even if she worked reallly, really hard. Honest! 🙂 )


a. Some teenage girls cry after finding out they just ate a chicken heart.
b. There are lots of puns and jokes you can make about eating chicken hearts — for example, “Warning: This meal is not for the chicken-hearted.” or “Don’t eat my heart, my achy breaky heart.”
c. Teenage girls who cry about eating chicken hearts don’t think all these puns and jokes are funny.

3. Some grandmas in Brazil are the same as some grandmas in the US — with cozy cardigan sweaters that don’t exactly match their outfit, with ceramic knick-knacks and silk flowers and handmade needlepoint or crocheted items lying around, with the smells and sounds of something cooking in a pressure-cooker filling their homes, and with an insistent offer to feed you something. Some things are the same, no matter the culture.



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