5 Things I Dig About Jesus

StuartDelony tagged me to tell 5 things I dig about Jesus. So here goes . . .

1. He gave up everything for me.

2. He calls sin as it is but has such compassion on broken people. (I love the story of the woman caught in adultery and His compassion on her. And the story about the woman at the well — He was straightforward but so loving.)

3. He’s 200% — 100% God and 100% Man. My brain can’t comprehend it, but I think it’s groovy. (I felt like I had to use the word “groovy” when writing what I “dig” about Jesus.)

4. He’s preparing a place for me right now.

5. He is in me and allows me to be in Him, and He gives me His glory. To think that the Word, the very Word which spoke the universe into existence, desires to be one with me. Wow!

So the rules state that I have to tag 5 other people to tell what they dig about Jesus (and they have to tell their 5 things and link here and tag 5 new people). So I tag . . .

1. Lisa

2. Crystal

3. Julie

4. Rindy

5. Any of you regular readers without your own blog —- Nickole, Shannon, Patrick, Jeff, etc. 🙂 Or any other blogger who really wants to participate.



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4 responses to “5 Things I Dig About Jesus

  1. Patrick

    5 things I dig about Jesus:

    1) He knows all my emotions and is empathetic (beyond sympathetic) to them, because he has felt every single one to its fullest.

    2) He gave up his position in Heaven and all the power it entails to be contained in a helpless human (baby) body. He went from Creator to can’t talk in an instant.

    3) He has a sense of humor (which I’m reminded of when I look at me).

    4) He used the beings and the earth he created to help us understand more about him and us.

    5) His deepest desire is to dwell with us (Michael Card has some wonderful thoughts on this).

  2. 1 – He loves the unlovely.
    2 – He calls us and doesn’t give up, even when we push Him away.
    3 – He knows all our sins and weaknesses and doesn’t hate us.
    4 – He forgives without reserve when we come to Him in true repentance.
    5 – He gives us power beyond ourselves.

  3. Lisa

    Oh shoot!! Sorry I missed this earlier!! I haven’t been blogging as much lately. For now, my favorite thing I dig about Jesus is that He teaches me how to love the hard-to-love. That’s been His greatest lesson for me lately, and the hardest for me to get!

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