Jill Briscoe – Hot Water

I love Jill Briscoe. I heard her speak last year at a conference. Though she wasn’t the youngest, prettiest, hippest speaker there, though she didn’t wear flashy clothes and didn’t have big hair, she was my favorite speaker. She looks like she could sit next to you in the pew at church. She looks like a grandma you’d see strolling in the park with a grandchild. And she has been given a gift. God used her to draw me closer to Him, to give me a greater love for Him and a greater burden to not sit on this treasure chest of His Word. Plus, I really like her neat British accent.

At the conference, she read from her book God’s Front Door. You really should own a copy and keep it close at hand so you can read a snippet of it over a cup of coffee or tea. Then you can roll her words around in your head all day long and let God use her words to bring His Word more alive to you.

In one passage about finding ourselves in hot water, Mrs. Briscoe begins to imagine herself as a tea bag in the hot water of life.

Am I like a tea bag waiting to know
What flavour I am when in hot H2O?

Am I like a tea bag, soggy and wet?
Am I asking the Lord just how hot it can get?

I want to be able to give out for sure
A fragrant aroma that makes folks want more —

But that means hot water that hurts my deep pride
That cleans out my life ’til I’m tired inside,
Of a fragrant-less life, that knows not how to sing —
So dip me in water, BUT KEEP HOLD OF THE STRING!

She said she thinks of this every time she drinks tea.

As we find ourselves in hot water —- delayed airplanes, more financial obligations than money, more tasks than hours in the day, sick children, impossible co-workers, speeding tickets, long lines at the grocery store, incompetent salespeople, annoying neighbors, clogged toilets —- let’s pray we become a fragrant aroma. And let’s trust that God’s not letting go of the string.



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6 responses to “Jill Briscoe – Hot Water

  1. Well, I prefer coffee… [I want to be able to give out for sure; A fragrant aroma that makes folks want more] but the hot water analogy still works. Maybe I will have to think about this when I have my morning coffee too.

    That would make it a daily. I am not addicted to caffiene; I just get a bad headache if I don’t have any ~ Blessings.

  2. How neat! I loved that! I have an old book by Jill Briscoe (I think she is the author) and it is a tattered worn copy of “Running on Empty”. Truly one of the best books I have read! It really got my attention and touch my life at a particulary painful time.
    You are gifted! I popped over here from another blog (your site was mentioned) and I like to click on others and see what God is up to in their lives….He is awesome!
    Be blessed!!

  3. I have never heard of that book, Jenn. It sounds so good! What a great analogy.

  4. Thanks, Jenn. I’m in very hot water right now and want to give off a wonderful aroma. Pray for me. 🙂

  5. I sure will. Are you OK?

  6. Not really, but I will be someday. The Lord is good.

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