Miscellaneous Monday – June 4, 2007

For today’s Miscellaneous Monday, I will share 3 musical-related facts with you. As always, please play along here or at your own blog with a link here. 🙂

Ok . . . since today’s facts are about music, I think a drum roll would be appropriate . . .

1. The first big concert I went to was to see Chicago when I was in middle school. Hard Habit To Break and You’re The Inspiration. People were waving lighters. I bought a t-shirt and thought I was the coolest.

The funniest thing that happened at that concert was before the concert began. The lighting technicians and sound technicians were on the stage doing checks. They all had on Chicago t-shirts. This *ahem* blonde girl (in the most stereotypical form of that word) who was with us thought for sure they were band members, so she ran to the edge of the balcony railing and shouted at them to look up for her to take a picture. They were all grinnin’ and cheesin’ while this girl took gobs of pictures of those sound and light guys.

2. When I was in middle school and high school, the cool thing to do was to have air band competitions. We’d have competitions at 4-H camp. I think our county even had a competition for all the clubs once. The schools would have air band contests. And we’d do it just for fun when our extended family got together for dinner. I have the funniest memories of my dad as the surgeon in a live “video” of Like A Surgeon while an air band lip-synced.

3. Since that Chicago concert so many years ago, I have been to many concerts. Some of my favorites —

* listening to James Taylor at an outdoor pavilion where some people were even sitting on blankets on the hillside * Alison Kraus and lots of other bluegrass artists playing at the Down From The Mountain concert * feeling Lauren kick the daylights out of me from within when we saw Clay Crosse and Jacqui Velasquez and some other people singing very loudly when I was at least 7 months pregnant * listening to Michael Card speak between songs, as if we were all just sitting in his living room * talking with Margaret Becker for 15 or 20 minutes about World Vision after I heard her sing at a ladies’ conference * listening to Jim Cole on New Year’s Eve and seeing him make jokes about sounding exactly like James Taylor * dancing and having a blast at a concert with Beatles impersonators (my friend Bill Cartwright and I sang along with I Want To Hold Your Hand and felt just like we were seeing the Beatles live) * having fun and enjoying the easygoing friendship of Geoff Moore and Steven Curtis Chapman at a joint concert (then meeting with them and a bunch of other youth leaders backstage for a free packet of stuff and some encouragement) * watching a roomful of 30-something moms hold up their lighted cell phones and sway to the REO Speedwagon-ish sounding songs of Mark Schultz at the MOPS Convention (very funny)

So . . . what about you? What musical memories do you have?



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10 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday – June 4, 2007

  1. j patrick

    Oh, yippee. Music!

    1) I am an 80’s music fanatic, and can name most songs/artists (and usually lyrics, too!) in the first 5 seconds of an 80’s song.

    2) Jenn and I share 11310 songs, 54.37 GB, or 36.4 days of music in our collection.

    3) My first music purchase was Journey’s Escape cassette (yep, cassette), followed quickly (I’m ashamed to say) by Michael Jackson’s Thriller cassette.

  2. Hon, you didn’t really have to tell everyone how much music we have. It’s rather embarrassing and gluttonous. I mean, really, who needs nearly 3 days’ worth of Christmas music?

    We are going to cut back on the purchase of new music. Really. Just as soon as I buy that Brady Bunch CD.


  3. 1. I played clarinet from the time I was in the 5th grade through high school and picked up alto sax my junior year (my band teacher said to me 4-6 weeks before our first jazz band practice as he’s handing me an alto saxophone case, “Hey Crystal! I need you to learn this befor our first jazz band practice, OK? My reply–“Do you happen to have a fingering book that I can look at?”).

    2. I played clarinet in our bi-county honor band at least 5 years and sang in honor choir one year. We would get on the bus around 7:30 a.m. and would get to miss 1.5 days of school for rehearsals (one rehearsal would be on a Saturday). Rehearsals were held at one of the schools in our region–one that had ample space for a middle school choir and band and high school choir and band. We would practice under a recognized conductor from one of the larger schools in the Spokane area or from one of the colleges in the area. It was such an awesome opportunity to meet students that we had seen on the basketball/volleyball courts, the football/baseball fields, etc. and get to learn to play various pieces of music beautifully. The first year I started playing in the honor choir, was the first year they started performing at the Spokane Opera House. Talk about awesome!!! My senior year, I won the clarinet solo spot for the concert. My heart was throbbing almost uncontrollably.

    3. My favorite concerts that I have attended are: dcTalk opening for Michael W. Smith, Audio Adrenaline opening for dcTalk, the adoration tour concert (Jeremy Camp, Rebecca St. James & the Newsboys) when I was 7 months pregnant with Aidan…I know that I have attended more, but my mind just drew a complete blank!

  4. LOL about the Christmas music 😉

    I’m really having to cut back on my iTunes purchases. There are a couple of albums that I’m trying to be patient about buying…but it’s SO hard! 😉

  5. Gmama

    1. I guess Patrick gets the love of Christmas music from me. Sometimes I even play it in July, and usually always start playing this in October.

    2. I have loved the Music of Mannheim Steamroller since I heard their first Christmas album in the early 90’s. I have seen them in concert twice in Charlotte. They play some instruments that are not well known like the crum horn and hammer dulcimer. Even though they are categorized as “New Age”, their music inspires me and really draws me close to the Creator.

    3. Michael Card is a gifted musician, composer, and teacher. I agree with Jenn about it being like sitting in a living room with him as he sings and teaches. I love to hear him play Illiean pipes and Celtic harp.

    (this is extra)
    4. Your daughter “wowed” the ladies at the luncheon today as she sang. Her beautiful Christian spirit was evident as she sang. She truly was a blessing.

  6. My mom took me to hear Genesis for my first stadium concert.

    During high school I thoroughly enjoyed mosh pits. The best (some might say worst) pit was probably at the Beastie Boy’s Ill Communication concert. I went home with a shiner.

    For the last couple of years I’ve attended too many reggae concerts to count. I’ve met and listened to Damian Marley (Bob’s youngest son) several times and I interviewed Sean Paul for an article, although I never saw him in concert.

  7. Nickole

    Jenn- I think you left something off your list of favorite concerts…what about the same group of 30 something moms screaming “Ladybug!” at the cutie Go Fish guys- and then having them play it for us…I mean, uh, them;)

  8. Oh, yeah, Nickole. You were so wild to scream that out like that. 😉

  9. Let’s see…

    1. The only concert I have ever in my entire life attended was Neil Diamond.
    2. I played the violin for five years… I was good to boot. Now, I just dream of picking it up again and taking lessons.
    3. When Marissa moved in with me, she was 7 (luckily a very tiny 7) and a velcro child. I walked around with her connected to me and imitated Carol Burnett’s character in Annie. “Some women are dripping with diamonds, some women are dripping with pearls ~ Look at me! Lucky me!
    Look at what I’m dripping with… a little girl!”

  10. j patrick

    Yes . . . our kids go around the house singing “It’s a hard knock life . . .”

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