Am I weird?

Since Revka tagged me, I will play along and tell you 7 weird things about me. I missed Miscellaneous Monday yesterday because of the holiday, so this will be a nice substitute.

OK . . . here it is . . . 7 weird things about me.

1. I had chicken pox twice (have I told you this before?), even though most people only get chicken pox once.

2. I know the lyrics to “It’s a Sunshine Day,” the song the Brady kids sang on the “Amateur Night” episode of The Brady Bunch. (I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s calling my name. I hear ya now. I just can’t stay inside all day. I gotta get out, get me some of those rays. Everybody’s smiling (Sunshine day). Everybody’s laughing (Sunshine day).)

3. Speaking of The Brady Bunch, I have seen every episode multiple times, so I hold a wealth of Brady trivia inside my head. Yes, I’m using up perfectly good synapses on Brady information.

4. When I read Lee Smith’s Fair and Tender Ladies, I stretched out the last three chapters, taking more than a week to read them. I did not want to leave the story of Ivy and her life, so I didn’t want the book to ever end. I also wept at the end because the book was over. (Very weird, even for me. I don’t think I’ve done that with any other book.)

5. I have read every novel by Anne Tyler except for her most recent Digging To America. Many of them, I have read more than once. Some of them, I have read more than three times.

**Bonus fact — When I read James Alexander Thom’s Follow The River, I read it in like 2 days, staying up nearly all night the second night to finish the book. But this isn’t really weird because everyone I know who has read the book has done the same thing. This book is a part of the local history here where I live, and our town used to have an outdoor drama based on this same story. (The program had a lot of typographical errors in it.)

6. I am afraid of heights if I am standing next to the edge of someplace high or if I’m in a car riding on a high mountain road. I am not afraid of heights in a tall building or in an airplane or on a roller coaster — places I feel an accident is least likely to occur. If I stand near the edge of someplace high, I feel physically ill.

7. I would rather clean the toilet than wash the dishes. The food stuck to plates grosses me out more than the dirty toilet does. I would also rather clean up a really messy diaper than clean up throw-up. Weird. I know.

So, are you weird? Tell me 7 weird things about you — here in my comments section or in your own blog and link back here.



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10 responses to “Am I weird?

  1. Patrick

    Ok, I’ll play along.

    1) I compulsively play a game when I’m driving or riding in a car. I raise my toes each time I pass a house on the road (as if they are “jumping” over the house). If the house was on the left, I raise my left foot toes. If the house is on the right, I raise my right toes. If there are no houses, I’ll do it with cars I’m passing or who are passing me.

    2) I only enjoy tomato juice when I’m flying.

    3) There is only one kind of music that I can’t stand (death metal).

    4) I drink coffee all the time, regardless of temperature. I drink it hot, cold, and in-between; in the morning or late at night.

    5) When I was a child I would rearrange the furniture in my bedroom about once every three months.

    6) I prefer ambient light.

    7) I purchase clothing based on whether I’ll have to iron it or not, although I don’t hate ironing.

  2. stuartdelony

    1. I had 7 wisdom teeth removed.

    2. I prefer eating all left-overs cold.

    3. I own every U2 CD known to man (bootlegs, singles, and all).

    4. My preferred natural toilet paper (ie. the middle schoolers use it all up on day 1 of a 4 day trip) when camping in the backcountry: snow. Ah so refreshing.

    5. I never buy hats. They’re always given to me and I will wear them till they fall apart or they get lost.

    6. I have probably cleaned more dirty diapers than anyone I know – that includes you Derbe! Ha! (you may now argue…)

    7. I like pushing all the buttons on toys in the store. You know to get a whole wall of things lighting up and making loud noise. My son love it. My wife hates. it.

  3. Yeah, well, unless you work in a daycare or those middle schoolers all wear diapers, I think I have to argue with you, Stuart. πŸ™‚ I’ve been changing dirty diapers every day for the past 9 years — usually multiple children, usually multiple diapers per child.

    I’m sure Holly and others have me beat, though. But I don’t know . . . with my potty-training track record, I may be the winner. πŸ™‚ I can think of a million other contests I’d like to win. hee hee

  4. 1) I compulsively play a game while I am driving too… but all I do is find the alphabet on road signs over and over. It keeps me focused.
    2) I used to be able to write equally well with both my left and right hand.
    3) I hate using public restrooms and would rather cut my trip short and head for home than go to the bathroom in public.
    4) When I was a nurse, I would rather clean up anything… other then urine!
    5) I couldn’t think of anything else so I asked my daughter to tell me a few weird things about myself.
    6) I read magazines from the back page to the front page.
    7) One of my very favorite breakfasts is a blend of yogurt and cottage cheese… the very best yogurt to mix with cottage cheese is Yoplait Light Banana Cream Pie!

  5. 1. I grind my teeth while I sleep.

    2. Generally, when reading books, I skip around and will sometimes read the end before going back to pick up where I left off.

    3. Apparently, my mom, husband and brother find the way I talk and tell stories weird. I just remind them that I’m my grandma’s girl (since she talks the same way that I do).

    4. I scratch at my scalp when I’m reading or when I’m a little stressed out. My hands need to do something.

    5. Mice give me serious eebie-jeebies. I was working out in the garage a couple of months ago, and one ran right by my legs and it has taken me up until the last couple of weeks to even feel remotely comfortable about walking out there. Sometimes, I make one of the kids or the dog come in there with me to help ease my mind.

    6. I have read Gone With the Wind at least 23 times.

    7. My brother finds it weird that I buy whole wheat berries and have a friend mill them into flour for me so I can bake my own bread. Then again, he thinks it’s weird that I also bake my own bread and enjoy it. πŸ˜‰

  6. Crystal,

    [Mice give me serious eebie-jeebies] I think this is perfectly normal behavior and should not really count! πŸ™‚

  7. Yeah, the whole mice thing doesn’t count as weird. It’d be weird if you liked mice.

    Julie, I guess a road trip with you and my husband and your quirks would be very entertaining. πŸ™‚

  8. maybe it’s just weird that I have to take my kids or my dog out to the garage with me so I feel a bit more courageous…like my 3-year-old or the dog (or my 5-year-old for that matter) can really do anything to help if we saw another one.

  9. Hey, Jen, thanks for playing along. I loved reading your list, though I must say you sound normal to me. πŸ™‚ I love Follow the River, too. That is simply an incredible story! I also enjoyed seeing all the other people playing along. Thanks!

  10. Update:

    I read Anne Tyler’s “Digging To America,” so now I have read all of her novels.

    I know you all were losing sleep over that, so I had to tell you.

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