How Did You Find Me?

I am always amused to check out my blog stats and find out what terms people typed into a search engine to find this blog. Sometimes I actually laugh out loud. Here are some of the recent searches that have led people here —

“questions for mcbroom tells the truth” (We love this book, but I’m baffled how this search yielded 9 views of my blog. I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about this book. And just for kicks, I tried to search this phrase on a bunch of search engines and never could end up with my blog. Weird.)

“cheating oregon drivers written test” (This is one that made me laugh out loud. Is someone looking for tips on how to cheat on the oregon written test? Crystal, perhaps you have something to offer this searcher?)

“christmas fettucine” (Hmmm . . . wonder what makes this different from regular fettucine?)

“can baking soda help me throw up” (I just don’t really know what to say about this.)

Lots of people end up here looking for solutions for getting food coloring off skin. I feel a little bit bad that all they find is a story about radioactive-looking neon poop.

And you’d be surprised how many people actually type variations of “My kid has green poop” into a search engine. I hope they are relieved to read about our experiences with the tube of blue food coloring. Now they know their children aren’t actually radioactive; their excrement only appears that way.

Oh, and that Christmas elf maker post still brings in a lot of traffic. I think I’m glad OfficeMax removed that game. Enough people have seen me making a fool of myself. 🙂 But I do wonder why so many people would be searching for “elf maker” in May.



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9 responses to “How Did You Find Me?

  1. Sorry Jenn…can’t offer any tips on that one. 🙂 I studied hard for my test and suggest that others do the same.

  2. Gee… I think I just linked in from Adventures in Mercy. That’s not very exciting ~

  3. But, Julie, at least I know you’re not trying to make yourself throw up using baking soda or trying to cheat on your driver’s test. 🙂

    Crystal, I figured you wouldn’t have much to offer for the cheat-searcher. Oh well . . . I guess I cannot be all things to all people.

  4. My favorite one appeared on mine a little over a week ago…

    “take your penguin to work day”

    now, explain THAT one! 😉

  5. I was checking out this comment and saw that it had moved back up top… on the same day someone found my blog by searching “haitians with hair.” Okay… I am adopting two kids from Haiti, I would imagine I have used the word haitians somewhere… But, why in the world would anyone be querying that topic. What is that opposed to haitians without hair? I just stopped, scratched my head for a few minutes and moved on. I decided I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

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  7. Funny. I haven’t looked at those stats yet. Should be interesting. This is my first visit. I want to browse around–have to read about the green stuff 🙂

  8. I found you looking for Jewish customs in Jesus Day. Really looking for the significance of the folded napkin. ie. after a meal, thrown to the table after use or folded neatly and replaced

  9. PamelaJoy, I’m glad you happened by. Sorry I didn’t answer your question. I have no clue. 🙂

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