Miscellaneous Monday – 5/21/07

In case you’re new to Misc. Monday, I’ll review. 🙂 I will list 3 facts about myself. I encourage you to play along and tell me 3 facts about yourself in my comment section (or on your own blog and link to it in my comments). So . . . let’s play.

1. I know some people in my family think I’m a picky eater and that I don’t prefer vegetables, especially beans. This fact is for you. 🙂 I actually have 2 favorite kinds of beans. I think they are delicious, though not in their raw form. My favorites — the coffee bean and the cocoa bean.

2. Though I enjoy many kinds of fruit, my very favorite fruit is chocolate-covered strawberries.

3. And finally . . . lest you think I am all health-conscious and only enjoy various beans and fruits, I do enjoy a good dessert from time to time. One of my favorites is chocolate, peanut butter ice cream. Another favorite is a mint-chocolate brownie with a tall glass of milk. And another favorite, though it contains no form of chocolate, is hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream (again though, we see the fruit and bean theme with the apples and vanilla bean).



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11 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday – 5/21/07

  1. “Though I enjoy many kinds of fruit, my very favorite fruit is chocolate-covered strawberries.”

    We recently purchase an organic brand of peanut butter mixed with dark chocolate. Delicious.

  2. Patrick

    Hmm. A food-themed Misc. Monday. Fun!

    1) I often eat french fries with mayo.

    2) When I was 10 I at a whole jar of olives. I haven’t much preferred them since then.

    3) I’ve eaten sardines and rice cooked in a freshly cut bamboo tube over a fire. This was a special memory for me. We were in the Philippines and I had just been baptized.

  3. 1. My number 1 favorite food is, chocolate…chocolate truffle tart (what I made for you when you were in the hospital) A good variation of this favorite food is the grasshopper brownie at Our Daily Bread. It’s SO good!!!

    2. I love fresh fruit–pretty much all of it. Berries, peaches, nectarines, pears, apples, melon, etc. Eating it fresh picked, in desserts or blended into smoothies–yum!

    3. My friend Alicia’s brother laughed at me when I stayed with them in Mexico because I tried (and thoroughly enjoyed) everything placed before me down there. 🙂

    **Next time you come over, remind me about my chocolate-covered espresso beans. I’d be happy to share your 2 favorite beans (although one of them is in its raw form) with you. 🙂

  4. Shannon K

    1. I would definitely not classify myself as a picky eater, but I have gotten that reputation in Bryan’s family. We once went out for dinner with his family to a Chinese buffet – I found out when I got there that practically everything on the buffet contained MSG (which makes me violently ill). So now when we are deciding where to eat, someone will invariably say, “Oh, Shannon doesn’t like Chinese food.”

    2. Though I wouldn’t want to pin myself down to one favorite fruit, I have to say that tree ripened local peaches make me weak in the knees. I have memories of being pregnant and sitting on the front steps of our house in Massachusetts with peach juice running down my arms and onto the sidewalk. Mmmmm…

    3. Although I, too, consider myself a hopeless chocaholic, my favorite desserts are Key lime pie and tiramisu (Jenny Tebben makes an unbelievable tiramisu)….with hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream definitely a close third!

  5. Shannon, Lauren can’t eat certain Chinese foods because they cause migraines.

    When I was pregnant with Rachel, I wanted grilled corn-on-the-cob and baked potatoes that entire summer. We ate often with one certain couple that summer, and the joke was “So what are we eating with Jenn’s corn-on-the-cob tonight?” It was really all about the butter and the salt, though. 🙂

    Crystal, what are the grasshopper brownies? I think I may need to try one of those.

    Totaltransformation, the peanut butter and dark chocolate mixture sounds wonderful.

  6. I may just have to treat you to one because my description will never do that wonderful creation justice. 🙂 Just imagine: chewey chocolate brownie goodness topped with a fluffy, melt-in-your mouth minty goodness topped again with hardened chocolate. I wish that they were open right now so I could run down to get one!

  7. oh, and Shannon, I totally hear you with those peaches (although the fresh nectarines pretty much do the same thing for me too). Ugh!!! I really need to stop talking and thinking about food right now–I have a pile of empty Hershey kisses wrappers sitting in front of me! Guess that my chocolate craving got the better of me. 😉

  8. stuartdelony

    1. Peanut Butter and Cheese is a good sandwich.
    2. Fav. Dessert: Hot Tamales and Mike & Ikes.
    3. I have had Jello go out my nose (not on purpose).
    4. I am a Coffee Junkie. I’ll drink any kind at any time (those bottomless cups at diners are there to kill me because I can’t say no), but do prefer the good stuff (Tullys).

    **sorry I broke the Misc Monday cardinal rule of only 3- forgive me!

  9. Stuart, I’ve been known to break that rule myself. 🙂

    Peanute butter and cheese sounds disgusting. Sorry.

    The Jello out your nose sounds pretty funny.


  10. Jenny Tebben

    Shannon, I googled my name and came across this since you mentioned me! How funny. I miss you and Crystal, and Jennifer. this was such a treat to read this tidbit. Later!

  11. That is funny, Jenny. It’s your tiramasu. You’re famous for it. 🙂

    Miss you too.

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