My Father’s Goodness

Yesterday, I was blessed to share my testimony with my MOPS friends. As I prayed and prepared what I would say, I was struck with how God has dealt with me over the years.

Since becoming His when I was a middle-schooler, there have been plenty of times when I’ve done my own thing, made my own decisions, handled things my way. Every time, God gently draws me back to Himself. Romans says that the goodness of God leads us to repentance. He could get my attention much more harshly, but often He is so merciful and gentle as He whispers to my heart.

Then as I turn back toward Him, He pulls up His long robes of glory and runs to me. Then He wraps those robes of glory around me and celebrates my return. He pours out His love on me. He cleans me up, gives me new clothes to wear, and returns me to my role in His family.

How many times has this happened over the years? Oh, I’ve lost count. But every time my heart softens and breaks over my sin and I humbly confess it to Him, He loves on me. He does not condemn me for I am in Christ and there is no condemnation in Christ. And every time, His kindness draws me deeper into Christ and increases my love for my Father.

Won’t you let His goodness lead you to repentance?


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  1. “Amen!” she said with a lump in her throat.

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