Miscellaneous Monday — 5/14/07

Today is my wedding anniversary — 13 years. So today’s 3 things about me will be about my wedding. As usual, feel free to play along.

1. I was too vain to wear my glasses to my wedding. My eyesight isn’t horrible, but things in the distance are rather blurry. So my handsome groom was a big blur until I got almost all the way down the aisle. I’m pretty sure I married the right guy, though. 🙂

2. Our rehearsal dinner is one of my favorite memories ever. Our family and close friends were there and many stood to share advice or speak blessings. I can still remember what most people said and how blessed I felt.

3. We faced the congregation during our wedding, and our pastor stood off the platform with his back to them. This way, the congregation could see and hear everything during our vows. We could also see the faces of the people in the congregation (well, I could see the faces of the people in the first few rows — see #1).

Bonus fact — We learned that couples should use dripless candles for the unity candle ceremony. We were holding back giggles and scraping wax off our fingers during the song after we lit the candle.

Bonus fact #2 — I married the man who far surpasses my dreams, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.



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14 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday — 5/14/07

  1. awwww! Happy Anniversary! 🙂 I guess that I’ll do wedding-related facts too (even if my anniversary isn’t until January).

    1. My mom and I went dress shopping online (she was 2.5 hours away from me and would send me links to various gowns via ICQ). We had fun getting to do it that way, although it would have been neat to experience going into an actual store to try different gowns on.

    2. During our vows, I slipped up and called Rob, “Robbie” and could hear a few people chuckling at me (especially my mom). I love how my pastor did our vows. He would describe what each part meant, and then Rob and I would promise each other to fulfill those things (e.g., instead of saying all of our vows at once, Pastor Dave talked a bit, and then we would respond, then he’d talk again, etc.). I’m wondering if I still have the video…

    3. My ring bearer drug the flower girl down the aisle. It was the funniest thing ever!

    4. Pre-marital counseling was definitely eye-opening. We learned so much about ourselves from a personality survey we took, but also learned a lot about each other when we had to list expectations we had for our marriage and for our spouse. A part of me would like to go back and revisit our questions and answers…it would be a great exercise in seeing how much we have grown and have changed over the last 7+ years.

    Bonus–I wouldn’t trade my man for the world. God has truly blessed me with my Robbie.

  2. Patrick

    Ok, since I’m the other half of our anniversary today, I have to respond.

    1) I was late for my wedding rehearsal. I think it was 45 minutes . . . but I don’t remember why (really!)

    2) I selected all the music and wrote our marriage ceremony myself. I pasted those pages into the Pastor’s little wedding book so it would look like he was doing it all like he was used to doing it (and he did a GREAT job!).

    3) My 3 (young at the time) nephews stuffed as many rice packets into their dress shirts as they could and then absolutely beaned us with them (not the loose rice, the whole packet) as we left the reception.

    Bonus: I have NEVER felt the sense of total euphoria that I felt on my wedding day except when I look into my beautiful bride’s eyes. Nothing here on Earth could be better than being married to my wife.

  3. I know the feeling being pelted with whole bags of grain (we had wheat instead of rice). Did you guys have rice in all of your clothes and in your hair and shoes after they threw it at you?

  4. We actually had birdseed. And yes, it was all over us and all over the inside of my parents’ car, which they loaned us for the reception. I think they were finding birdseed in the car for the next 6 months.

    We have funny pictures of our nephews with their shirts stuffed full of little bags of birdseed. And – for the record – when one of our nephews was married in December, we did not retaliate and beam him with bags of birdseed. 🙂

  5. Oh, and we wrapped the birdseed in little squares of flowered material (it matched the bridesmaids’ dresses) and tied it up with little ribbons. After we left the reception, my grandma collected these little squares of material and then she made an absolutely beautiful quilt for me out of those squares. It is one of my most treasured possessions.

  6. stuartdelony


    1. My in-laws thought the photographers were stealing things from our reception. The photographers were collecting things for a scrapbook album and putting them in a briefcase. My in-laws swiped the briefcase and emptied it, thinking they averted a heist. The photographers were very confused.

    2. Miriam’s grandmother had too much to drink at the reception and during dinner kept tapping her glass for us to kiss. She did it every 10 seconds for the entire reception dinner.

    3. We missed out flight to our honeymoon.

    Bonus: we didn’t use bird seed, only bubbles.

    Oh and on another note, I was best man at a buddies Catholic wedding and didn’t know they throw holy water on you. I wasn’t paying attention then the priest throws water on me and I start looking around mad. The whole audience was laughing.

  7. I knew we semi-shared a brain. Our 13th anniversary is May 27th! 😉 Happy anniversary!

  8. Gmama

    After almost 46 years, my memories get a little fuzzy, but here goes:

    1. My maid-of-honor and I were in our kitchen eating sandwiches an hour before the wedding.

    2. I made my own wedding dress and those for my attendants (three of my sisters were in the wedding, two as junior bridesmaids and one as flower girl. My youngest sister was only one year old at the time).

    3. I remember after the wedding realizing that we would be married forever and not have to live apart again. It has been a wonderful 45 years!

  9. This has to be one of my most favorite miscellaneous Mondays 🙂 Thanks Jenn!

  10. Shannon K


    1. We found out at our rehearsal that the maid of honor was not going to be coming to the wedding (she was supposed to be flying into Toronto from Boston, but came down with strep).

    2. The ladies at the bridal shop where I bought my dress had severely augmented the chest area of the dress (due to my lack of ability to properly fill the dress on my own) insisting that it would not look right otherwise. I insisted that it was false advertising. When Bryan (whose vision is 20/20) saw me at the back of the church, he said to his best man, “WHOA!”

    3. We found out three months after our wedding that our American minister needed to have gotten a temporary license to marry us in Canada. When we told our minister in Boston that we might need him to re-marry us, he said, “You guys are going to hell.”

  11. Shannon, thanks for making me laugh. I’m so glad you played along this week. 🙂

    Stuart, I’m still laughing at the throwing water story.

    And thanks everyone else for playing too. Your comments on Mondays are one of my favorite things about blogging.

  12. kevin bussey

    Happy Anniversary.

    Our honeymoon was the honeymoon from you know where! I owe my wife another.

  13. WV Grammy

    I can hardly believe that this July will be our 40th anniversary. Wow.

    1. Jerry proposed in May, we were married July 1st and he left August 1st for basic training in the U.S. Air Force.

    2. My mom made my wedding gown and she did a great job. It was just what I wanted.

    3. Jerry had an uncle who was to marry us and less than 2 weeks before the wedding, he had a heart attack (not fatal) and we had to find another minister.

    Jennifer, the car still had birdseed in it when we traded it. It seemed that I would clean it out and then more birdseed would appear!

    A great thing happened 13 years ago. On May 14th, we didn’t lose a daughter; we gained another son. Also, on August 5th of the same summer, we didn’t lose a son but gained another daughter. Patrick and Julie, you are family to us and we love you.

  14. My husband and I have the same anniversary as Keer and her husband. We’ve got them beat by 5 years, though. 🙂

    Congratulations on your anniversary, Jenn. (And Patrick.) It is so wonderful to observe couples who are still in love after lots of years and lots of babies! 🙂 Just how it should be!

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