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What Are You Reading?

books.jpg So, have you read any good books lately?

I just re-read Adriana Trigiani’s first three Big Stone Gap novels and now, I’m reading her latest Home to Big Stone Gap. Once I start reading her books, I cannot put them down. I’m so glad Ms. Trigiani returned to Big Stone Gap and the story of Ave Maria Mulligan MacChesney. It’s a rare book that can simultaneously conjure up dreams of dancing at the Carter Family Fold and of climbing the Italian Alps, yet her novels do that for me. Continue reading



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Weird – Calvin & Hobbes

Oh, and typing the word “weird” so many times in my previous post reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon I saw years ago.

I don’t remember the specifics, but Calvin is reviewing the spelling rule “i before e except after c.”

Then someone says, “What do you think about that?

And Calvin says, “Weird.”

For some reason, that really cracked me up. Probably the subtlety of it.


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Am I weird?

Since Revka tagged me, I will play along and tell you 7 weird things about me. I missed Miscellaneous Monday yesterday because of the holiday, so this will be a nice substitute.

OK . . . here it is . . . 7 weird things about me.

1. I had chicken pox twice (have I told you this before?), even though most people only get chicken pox once.

2. I know the lyrics to “It’s a Sunshine Day,” the song the Brady kids sang on the “Amateur Night” episode of The Brady Bunch. (I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s calling my name. I hear ya now. I just can’t stay inside all day. I gotta get out, get me some of those rays. Everybody’s smiling (Sunshine day). Everybody’s laughing (Sunshine day).)

3. Speaking of The Brady Bunch, I have seen every episode multiple times, so I hold a wealth of Brady trivia inside my head. Yes, I’m using up perfectly good synapses on Brady information.

4. When I read Lee Smith’s Fair and Tender Ladies, I stretched out the last three chapters, taking more than a week to read them. I did not want to leave the story of Ivy and her life, so I didn’t want the book to ever end. I also wept at the end because the book was over. (Very weird, even for me. I don’t think I’ve done that with any other book.)

5. I have read every novel by Anne Tyler except for her most recent Digging To America. Many of them, I have read more than once. Some of them, I have read more than three times.

**Bonus fact — When I read James Alexander Thom’s Follow The River, I read it in like 2 days, staying up nearly all night the second night to finish the book. But this isn’t really weird because everyone I know who has read the book has done the same thing. This book is a part of the local history here where I live, and our town used to have an outdoor drama based on this same story. (The program had a lot of typographical errors in it.)

6. I am afraid of heights if I am standing next to the edge of someplace high or if I’m in a car riding on a high mountain road. I am not afraid of heights in a tall building or in an airplane or on a roller coaster — places I feel an accident is least likely to occur. If I stand near the edge of someplace high, I feel physically ill.

7. I would rather clean the toilet than wash the dishes. The food stuck to plates grosses me out more than the dirty toilet does. I would also rather clean up a really messy diaper than clean up throw-up. Weird. I know.

So, are you weird? Tell me 7 weird things about you — here in my comments section or in your own blog and link back here.


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While reading through some old email messages, I found this family funny.

When I was hugely pregnant with Jackson just over three years ago, Lauren (then almost-6) heard me telling people that I would be induced.

Finally, she asked me, “What kind of juice will they use?”

“What?” I asked, utterly confused.

Equally confused, she replied, “You said you are being injuiced.”


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How Did You Find Me?

I am always amused to check out my blog stats and find out what terms people typed into a search engine to find this blog. Sometimes I actually laugh out loud. Here are some of the recent searches that have led people here —

“questions for mcbroom tells the truth” (We love this book, but I’m baffled how this search yielded 9 views of my blog. I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about this book. And just for kicks, I tried to search this phrase on a bunch of search engines and never could end up with my blog. Weird.)

“cheating oregon drivers written test” (This is one that made me laugh out loud. Is someone looking for tips on how to cheat on the oregon written test? Crystal, perhaps you have something to offer this searcher?)

“christmas fettucine” (Hmmm . . . wonder what makes this different from regular fettucine?)

“can baking soda help me throw up” (I just don’t really know what to say about this.)

Lots of people end up here looking for solutions for getting food coloring off skin. I feel a little bit bad that all they find is a story about radioactive-looking neon poop.

And you’d be surprised how many people actually type variations of “My kid has green poop” into a search engine. I hope they are relieved to read about our experiences with the tube of blue food coloring. Now they know their children aren’t actually radioactive; their excrement only appears that way.

Oh, and that Christmas elf maker post still brings in a lot of traffic. I think I’m glad OfficeMax removed that game. Enough people have seen me making a fool of myself. 🙂 But I do wonder why so many people would be searching for “elf maker” in May.


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Jesus and Social Customs and Traditions

In response to Whose Discple, my brother Jeff wrote:

Jesus was born, grew up and lived his entire life in a certain cultural setting and from almost everything I have studied, there is nothing to indicate he did not act according to the customs, traditions, and lifestyle of that setting. He becomes a rabbi at the age of 30, like every other rabbi. He teaches in the same manner of every other rabbi, using parables, many of which had been used for many years before he used them. Everything Jesus does he does in the context of the cultural setting, one by the way established by God through Moses. To think he is changing this is a bit of a stretch I think.

I typed such a lengthy reply that I decided to make it a whole new post.

First, I don’t think God established the ages of schooling Jewish boys way back in the days of Moses. I think the model of a Jewish boy starting to follow a rabbi around the age of 15 and staying with that rabbi until he became a rabbi himself at age 30 was a man-made custom and tradition. And later in this post, I will discuss Jesus and man-made cultures and traditions. I don’t think He chose to follow all of those, and I’ll offer scriptural evidence to support my idea. Continue reading


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Miscellaneous Monday – 5/21/07

In case you’re new to Misc. Monday, I’ll review. 🙂 I will list 3 facts about myself. I encourage you to play along and tell me 3 facts about yourself in my comment section (or on your own blog and link to it in my comments). So . . . let’s play.

1. I know some people in my family think I’m a picky eater and that I don’t prefer vegetables, especially beans. This fact is for you. 🙂 I actually have 2 favorite kinds of beans. I think they are delicious, though not in their raw form. My favorites — the coffee bean and the cocoa bean.

2. Though I enjoy many kinds of fruit, my very favorite fruit is chocolate-covered strawberries.

3. And finally . . . lest you think I am all health-conscious and only enjoy various beans and fruits, I do enjoy a good dessert from time to time. One of my favorites is chocolate, peanut butter ice cream. Another favorite is a mint-chocolate brownie with a tall glass of milk. And another favorite, though it contains no form of chocolate, is hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream (again though, we see the fruit and bean theme with the apples and vanilla bean).


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