Blue Food Coloring

Here are a few things we’ve learned about blue food coloring in the past couple days —

* If three little boys share a tube of blue food coloring, they can color their tongues, teeth, lips, hands, and faces blue.

* If they touch their sisters, they can leave blue streaks on the sisters’ arms.

* If boys are covered in blue, they get to have a bath from Grandmama.

* No matter how hard you scrub, some of the blue won’t come off.

* If you consume a great deal of blue food coloring, the next day your poop will be an intereting neon green color that looks strinkingly radioactive.

* If a two year-old fills his diaper with radioactive-looking green poop and then tries to take his own diaper off, he gets scared by the green color and screams his lungs out.

* The blue dye in the poop stains his skin and no amount of washing will remove that either.

* When one child has radioactive-looking poop all over him and a nasty diaper overflowing and lying on the carpet, his brothers and sisters will come running to look and scream over the grossness of it all.

* Even though the food coloring was high in the shelf over the stove, we need to find a better hiding spot for it. Maybe it should be locked in the safe with our passports and all of our tax paperwork for the past five years.



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14 responses to “Blue Food Coloring

  1. Martha

    They say truth is stranger than fiction…
    OH YEAH!

    Love you, friend.

  2. Nickole

    Jenn- Yet again, you’ve shared interesting facts that I would otherwise never know about in my life with two prissy little girls! My two ran shrieking to the bathroom to wash their hands after my “great” idea to make handprint artwork!

    Love ya!

  3. sim

    Oh very funny – and I can so relate. I was sharing with someone the other day the difference between this happening with #1 child, and #6 child. When #1 did such things, I would scold and get cross, and scrub and hrumph and send her to her room. When #6 did such things (and yes, it was also blue for him), I said “Hold it! Don’t move!” Then ran to get a camera. Snap snap. THEN I could scold etc…(while trying not to laugh and telling all older siblings to stop laughing also)!!

  4. I love your family! πŸ™‚

  5. Gmama

    I thought it was all over by the time they had a bath (even still with blue lips, teeth and tongues)! I hadn’t even thought of the results the next day. Thank you for being so understanding when I really goof up. Remember Tammy’s boys and the syrup?

  6. LCP

    I laughed so hard I almost woke my son upstairs! I will be looking for and hiding all forms of food coloring right away!!

  7. good heavens… you have the best stories!! and they are true… how “fun” is that?!?!!

  8. Patrick

    . . . an addendum. If one boy in particular eats more food coloring than the other boys, his poop continues to appear radioactive-looking green for quite some time.

  9. Gmama, I think you know by now these kids find a way to get into things no matter what adult is here and in charge. πŸ™‚ I’m sure they’ll all grow up to be creative artists or curiously intelligent scientists . . . .or devious criminals. hee hee hee Just kidding.

    Sim, I’m glad you can relate. Phew! I’m not the only one.

    Renee, just wait. Your turn is coming as those boys get older. πŸ™‚

    LCP, yes, please — learn from my mistakes. Hide the food coloring in a locked cabinet.

    Nickole, want me to send my boys over to teach your girls a thing or two?

    Martha, I bet you have your own stories that are stranger than fiction. πŸ™‚ Your children are smart and imaginative and creative.

    And Crystal — I KNOW you have your own stories. And if we let our boys spend more time together, I’m sure the stories would be even more entertaining (and messy). πŸ™‚

  10. yes…I can only imagine the havoc that all the boys together could create. πŸ™‚ I love how God wired boys to be such creative creatures. πŸ™‚

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  12. whiskey

    so how did you get the blue food coloring off? I was playing with my water fountain adding a few drops of blue food coloring to the fountain, when alot of it stained my fingers..I look like I am part human, part smurf!! Sad thing is, I have job interviews coming up….and do you really think they are going to hire a smurf?? LOL

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  14. Lisa

    Why the hell would you have blue toxic coloring in your home!….with children!

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