As You Pray . . .

As you pray for everyone involved in the tragedy at Virginia Tech, please remember to pray for the following specific needs in addition to the obvious needs of the victims and their families.

• The police officers and rescue workers witnessed a horrible crime scene. Some FBI officers said it was the worst crime scene they have ever seen. I know one EMT who had to leave because she became physically ill. Please pray for these men and women and for their emotional healing.

• Many Christians are involved in campus ministries. These couples and individuals are physically and emotionally exhausted, as you can imagine. Please pray for God to provide rest and for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to lift up the name of Christ and the hope we have in Him.

• Local social service workers are providing help and some grief counseling to the families of those who were killed or wounded. One of my very good friends is involved in this, and she is also on emotional overload. These social workers are helping in very practical ways (filling out paperwork so the families can claim the bodies of their loved ones and hunting down students’ cars in the many parking lots at Tech) and they are providing mental health help as well. As my friend Angie said, “I’m just trying to do my job, be helpful, take care of my children, take care of my husband, and say the name of Jesus as many times as I can in a day without getting in trouble.” Please pray for these social workers.

• The doctors and nurses at area hospitals have probably never been faced with treating so many victims with multiple gunshot wounds before. I imagine it has been a very emotional time for them as well. We also need to remember the coroners whose job it has been to clean and care for the bodies of those who were killed and perhaps even prepare the bodies for open-casket funeral services. Psychologists, psychiatrists, ministers, and mental health professionals are counseling with students, victims, professors, families, police officers, families of police officers, rescue workers, and others. Please pray for all of these people in the medical profession and mental health profession.

• Some of the professors who died have children who are in our local school system. A man in our church teaches two of the children who have experienced the death of a parent. Please pray for the teachers of these children.

• There have been several threats made to school officials, town officials, and local schools. The public school system and some private schools have closed for the entire week because of safety issues. These children cannot be put in lock-down mode several times a day as investigators respond to threats. Please pray for God’s hand of protection and for these threats to end and for the safety of everyone. And please pray that schools can resume normally next week.

• Somebody has to clean Norris Hall before it can be used again. Can you imagine cleaning such a crime scene? Please pray for whoever has to clean it.

• Finally, the media presence is unreal. There are hundreds and hundreds of media representatives on campus and in the town of Blacksburg. Please pray for them to show decency and restraint and not to sensationalize this event and for them not to manipulate and use people for a story or ratings. Please pray for Christians to have influence and for the testimony of those who knew Christ to be broadcast widely and for the name of Christ to be glorified above all.



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  1. I think it’s also important to think of Cho’s family – few will bother as many consider them somehow complicit in his act, yet given their background and his behaviour, it’s quite likely they, more than many, have been utterly devastated by his actions, and are now social outcasts through possibly no fault of their own. He never openly stated that he’d had a bad childhood or blamed his parents for his views etc, and I suspect they are hurting more than any of us can appreciate too. But your other prayer points are hugely important also – we tend to assume that people who work in the security agencies are somehow used to this in some way or are somehow different to the rest of us – in some ways that just piles on more pressure on them, as unlike us ‘ordinary’ people, they tend to have to put on a public front and bottle up how they really feel and many end up suffering silently in other ways for years to come. Thanks for the timely reminder. Blessings, TKR.

  2. TKR, I agree. The post I wrote just before this one sort of covers that point. Thanks for reminding us again.

  3. Elissa

    Thank you for giving us specific prayer points. It is very helpful.

  4. Thank you so much for raising each of these specific points. Praying specifically is very powerful. I would add a couple points.
    * Pastors and church leaders – Many of them are leading gatherings and are having a lot of questions from people who do not have faith to stand on their own. They will be taxed across the world in ways they may not have been for years or possibly ever.
    * Families of all those who are caring for others. This often takes a toll on their own families that may not be seen for a long time to come. It is especially important for the children if they are at key stages of development or are dealing with a crisis of their own.
    * Community leaders – They are facing many longer term decisions, not just in Virginia. Across the country leaders are being asked or forced to step up in new ways. May they find wisdom and knowledge to know how to do that.
    * Pray for the students that are making decisions to attend a university in the fall and the schools that will be faced with many new questions. Pray specifically for VA Tech’s financial livelihood and that students will return.

    Finally, we need to be praying that no one responds to what was done here and sees this young man as a martyr only to repeat or outdo him in the future. Mid April has been a targeted time period as it was Hitler’s birthday and many other historical tragedies have happened in April. We need to fight for a new future for April and our world.

    I really appreciate the heart you have shown about this. Being across the country in Washington our reports are of all that happened and how Virginia is doing are filtered. It is nice to hear some stories first hand.

  5. Sherie, thank you. I agree that we should also pray about all those things. One of the things I appreciated about our church prayer time on Wednesday evening was hearing how each person prayed with a different perspective. There are so many things we can pray about.

    What about the rest of you? What has God burdened your heart to pray for concerning the tragedy at VA Tech?

  6. Myderbe, today is the first time I have come across your blog; I have read widely here and have found your words to be wise and uplifting.

    Yes, we must pray for all these things, indeed, we must pray for our world, remembering the biblical words, “If my people which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will heal their lands.” God help us to bow our knees in these desperate days of need and sorrow.

    Shirley Buxton

  7. Shirley, thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. That’s one of my favorite scriptures. Thanks for reminding us.

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