Miscellaneous Monday

This week, we’ll mix things up a little bit. I’m going to tell you 3 miscellaneous facts about a place I have been and 3 miscellaneous facts about a place I am going.

Please play along — either in my comment section or on your own blog with a link here. 🙂

3 Facts About Papua New Guinea (a place I have been)
1. The trading language in PNG is a pidgen English, Tok Pisin, which is now considered an official language and is a first language for some people in PNG. This is a mixture of German, English, Portuguese, and other languages from Asia and the Pacific islands. (Side note: “Wantanabi” is not a word in Tok Pisin. 😉 )

2. Many women in PNG wear long, loose, patterned blouses called “Mary blouses.”

3. The woven bags in PNG are called bilum bags. These bags are used to carry food, school books, babies, everything. Some bags are woven with brightly-colored nylon strings or a manufactured wool now, but some are still made out of the traditional natural fibers, usually the inner bark of a wild tulip tree. Some of the bags are decorated with feathers or shells. (Side note: If your bag is decorated with feathers and someone in your group has just attempted to enter Australia with the body of a dead bird, you can expect to be thoroughly searched by Australian Custom officials, who -by the way- don’t want you to bring in dead birds from other countries.)

3 Facts About Brazil (a place I am going)
1. Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking country in all of the Americas.

2. Sao Paulo is the fifth most populous metropolitan area of the world.

3. Brazil has won soccer’s World Cup a record five times and is widely considered the most talented national soccer team. Incidentally, the official version of indoor soccer originated in Brazil.


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One response to “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. I’ll just do a few facts about a town where I lived while growing up.

    Almira, Washington

    1. The town population in the late 1990s was 311.

    2. My dad was sworn in as mayor of this town a week or two after I got married (Jan. 2000). I believe that the current mayor is also one of the custodial engineers/bus drivers for the local K-8 school. (maybe I should go to the website again and find out!)

    3. If you look at a topographical map of the town of Almira and the area surrounding it, Almira is in a hole. A hole, surrounded completely by wheat fields.

    4. The town was named for a woman named Almira Davis.

    5. There is not currently a grocery store or a restaurant in this town–you have to drive 11-20 miles to go grocery shopping, or if you want to go shopping at Costco, you have to drive to Spokane which is 80 miles away. There were 2 restaurants for a few years while I lived there; however, one burned down and the other one ended up closing.

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