Miscellaneous Monday

3 more random facts about me —

1. I have blow-dried my hair while wearing a baby in a Snugli. (And my husband took pictures. Any guesses about what number baby this was? Hint: by the time baby #6 joined us, I had begun barracading myself in the bathroom for showering and other grooming tasks and praying the baby didn’t cry so hard he threw up and praying the other children didn’t burn the house down. So far, this system is working for us.)

2. I am curling-iron dyslexic and curled my hair over the wrong part of the curling iron until my college roommate saw what I was doing and taught me the right way. I still have a difficult time. The mirror is tricky!

3. I rarely use a curling iron.



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7 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. Patrick

    1. I can name just about ANY 80’s song and artist within the first 5 seconds of the song.

    2. On all those college personality tests I was around 50 % introvert / 50% extrovert, 50% impulsive / 50% planner, etc. I am basically a dichotomy of myself.

    3. I can’t stand flavored coffee.

    4. (BONUS): I’ve taken pictures of my wife blow drying her hair while she holds a baby in a Snugli. 🙂

  2. 1. My oldest child went with me to my very last college class (he was 13 months old at the time)–it was actually fitting that he went with me since my final project was about a teaching and learning experience I was conducting on him.

    2. I graduated from high school in a class of 31 (and students came from 3 different towns in the wheat farming country of north central Washington state). I think that our high school averaged 120 students, at least while I was there.

    3. My first job (besides babysitting) was a custodial assistant position at the local K-8 school. It was nice because I worked only 1 block from my house!!!

  3. Crystal…that sounds similar to the town where I started school in North Central Washington. 1 Mile square, and K-12 in one school (Waterville). I think we only had about 18 in our class. My graduating class in another town (orcharding community) was actually large at 80 students. Such a change to later work in a high school with over 1200 students!

  4. Martha

    1. I love game shows.

    2. I saw Stevie Wonder after an off-Broadway show in New York City my senior year of high school (and my uncle always reminded me that he didn’t see me!).

    3. I finally got my ears pierced when I was 30…or maybe it was 31.

  5. Martha, you’re over 31???? I saw pictures of you recently and you don’t look a day over 25! 🙂 Honestly, you do look like you’re getting younger, which is totally not fair when all the rest of us are getting older.

  6. Yeah, Patrick the dichotomy. 😉 Is it any wonder I stay confused? hee hee

    Crystal, maybe that’s why David is so smart. He’s been to college already!

    Sherie, thanks for stopping by.

  7. He went to class with me a lot his first year of life–especially when he threw a fit for 20-30 minutes and stiffen his body just so I couldn’t get him in his carseat and I would have been late for class otherwise. 🙂 I think that the GTFs liked having David in class–one in particular would take him from me during quizzes or exams (on those days he was throwing fits and we couldn’t make it to the sitter on time, or if my sitters and/or their kids were sick) and would walk him around the class. I overheard her telling him, “we’re going to go make sure they don’t cheat.” He slept through most of the PE for Elementary Teachers classes he had to attend, when Rob was unable to watch him (and my PE classroom practicum experience–I couldn’t believe that he could sleep with all the noise in the gym!!!). I think that Ballet I was his favorite though–especially when I went to office hours to go over a few of the steps in our routine. He loved watching the movement of the instructors choreographing routines for their classes. One would keep doing the same movements over and over just to hear him laugh!

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