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Miscellaneous Monday-4/30/07

For those of you just tuning in, on Mondays I post three random pieces of information about myself and you play along and post three random facts about yourself, either in my comments or on your on blog and link to it in my comments section. 🙂

1-a. After my third child in three years, my husband and I asked my OB if he had a plan like a Sub-club card. You know, you have so many and you get one free. He laughed and agreed that was a great idea and said, “Yeah, actually, I have five children so the fifth one I deliver is free.” He did not deliver my first child, so our sixth baby was free. Well, we still paid the hospital co-pays and stuff, but my OB didn’t charge us anything.

1-b. I’m the only patient to take him up on that deal.

2. On average, I lost ten pounds during the first trimester of each pregnancy because I threw up so much. I was most sick during my first pregnancy and my fifth pregnancy (a girl and a boy). With my first, I ended up getting these painful Vitamin B shots twice to help me not be sick. It hurt like crazy, but it helped. And by the time I was pregnant with #5, Zofran was available. That stuff is a miracle drug when it comes to getting rid of nausea. (I highly recommend it.)

3. I actually helped deliver baby #4. My doctor knew another doctor who was into letting her patients reach down and help pull the baby out after the arms were out. So he asked if I wanted to try. I reached down and held the baby under the arms and helped pull him up onto my tummy. It was sort of cool, but mostly gross. 🙂 I’m glad my doctor had a good hold on him because he was pretty slimy and slippery.



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My oldest child is sweet and helpful and creative. She’s a super organizer and planner. She can be really funny and loves to mother the two babies. But we often need to remind her to be grateful for what she has and not to complain.

This morning, I was handing out the special cinnamon rolls my husband bought as a treat. As I gave Lauren and Rachel their plates, Lauren started to fuss. “You gave her a bigger one than I got. And hers has more icing.” Her eyes filled with tears and her face filled with anger at what she perceived as unjustness. Continue reading


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Blue Food Coloring

Here are a few things we’ve learned about blue food coloring in the past couple days —

* If three little boys share a tube of blue food coloring, they can color their tongues, teeth, lips, hands, and faces blue.

* If they touch their sisters, they can leave blue streaks on the sisters’ arms.

* If boys are covered in blue, they get to have a bath from Grandmama.

* No matter how hard you scrub, some of the blue won’t come off.

* If you consume a great deal of blue food coloring, the next day your poop will be an intereting neon green color that looks strinkingly radioactive.

* If a two year-old fills his diaper with radioactive-looking green poop and then tries to take his own diaper off, he gets scared by the green color and screams his lungs out.

* The blue dye in the poop stains his skin and no amount of washing will remove that either.

* When one child has radioactive-looking poop all over him and a nasty diaper overflowing and lying on the carpet, his brothers and sisters will come running to look and scream over the grossness of it all.

* Even though the food coloring was high in the shelf over the stove, we need to find a better hiding spot for it. Maybe it should be locked in the safe with our passports and all of our tax paperwork for the past five years.


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A Vapor

The Bible says life is but a vapor. When I ponder eternity, of course 50 or 60 or even 90 years seems like a mere breath. I think of blowing out warm breath on a cold morning. How quickly that vapor vanishes. That is my temporal life to our Father.

In the past week, my thoughts have been drawn to the brevity of life. Eight days ago, 32 young people who thought their lives were only beginning suddenly faced the end of human life. A couple days later, a vibrant, seemingly healthy man in our church suffered a sudden heart attack. By the end of the week, he had died. One Sunday I was shaking his hand, the next I was mourning his empty spot two pews in front of me. Life is a vapor. Continue reading


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Miscellaneous Monday – 4/23/07

OK . . . back to the normal routine and Miscellaneous Monday. Three random pieces of information about myself. As usual, please play along, either in my comment box or on your own blog with a link in my comment box.

1. I have always, only lived in college towns.

2. The summer I was married, I worked at a local radio station. As part of my job, I wrote copy for the advertisements. Yes, I came up with cheery little snippets about Heilig-Meyers furniture.

3. I have taken a carriage ride around Central Park.


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As You Pray . . .

As you pray for everyone involved in the tragedy at Virginia Tech, please remember to pray for the following specific needs in addition to the obvious needs of the victims and their families. Continue reading


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Who Mourns With The Killer’s Family?

Our entire community is engulfed in grief and mourning and a hungry need for information. There is also an amazing outpouring of love and support. There is a collection box in the front of Wal-Mart for donations to the victims or their families. Most everyone at my son’s soccer game was wearing maroon and orange this evening. Barnes & Noble closed early so employees could attend the candlelight vigil on campus. Texas Roadhouse hosted its own candlelight vigil tonight. Flags are flying at half-staff everywhere. Remember how everyone wore red, white, and blue and flew American flags after 9/11? In this valley, this week, it’s VT hats and Hokie sweatshirts and maroon and orange ribbons safety-pinned to blouses and VT flags flying outside homes and from cars. It’s little boys in Hokie football jerseys and businessmen wearing VT ties with their suits. Continue reading


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