How To Read A Chapter Book

OK . . . some people just think differently. This little anecdote pretty much sums up the mind of my Rachel (age 7).

I asked Rachel to bring the book she has been reading to the dining room. So she brings in Anne of Green Gables. And I instructed her to sit at the table and start reading where she has left off.

She looked up at me and said so seriously, “Well, I’ve read lots of chapters, but I’m not reading them in order.” Then she tells me the name (from memory) of each of the four chapters she has read.

After my laughter subsided, I told her she had to start at the beginning of the book and read from front to back. So she smiled and said, “Well, the first chapter is called Beginnings, so OK.”

It is just so like her to pick up a book and read random chapters. Cracked me up!



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2 responses to “How To Read A Chapter Book

  1. Moe

    That’s so cute! πŸ˜†

    When my sister was little she was the opposite; she was more apt to be legalistic about her book reading.

    Once, whoever had read the book she was reading before her had marked out all of the slightly crude words with a black pen. It upset her so much to not no exactly what was being said that she’d bring the book to me and ask me to tell her what was being said ever time she came across a word that had been marked out.

    I’d always give her the “clean” version, “Well, basically, the character is saying ‘oh, crummy.'” She’d be happy that she now knew what was being said, and would go back to what she was reading. It was cute.


  2. πŸ™‚ Kelsey. Isn’t it funny how different we approach things?

    Thanks for sharing.

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