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Where Have All The Down Babies Gone?

dsi-display-79-3t.jpg f3c_flowerdoll.jpg

Take a good look at these pictures. Children with Down Syndrome are rare these days. That’s because at least 85% of them never get the chance to be born. Some statistics from 2002 show that as many as 93% of babies whose prenatal tests showed a probability of Down Syndrome were never allowed to be born. Continue reading



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A Weight-y Subject

I had skinny babies. I’m not talking about when they were born, though none of them were big chunks at birth either. I mean, at around 3 or 4 months, their growth curve sort of levels out for a while. Some of them actually have straight lines on their growth curves; little Rachel even went backward; and Jackson just inched his way up in a very relaxed curve (and I use the word “curve” loosely). Continue reading


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Miscellaneous Monday

After a hiatus, Miscellaneous Monday is back. I hope you’ll play along. 🙂

3 Random Facts About Myself:

1. I had chicken pox twice.

2. I enjoy singing camp songs and was genuinely excited when I had children and realized Barney sings some of my old camp songs. (Pathetic, huh?)

3. In ninth grade, I got sent to the Principal’s office, but I didn’t really go to the Principal’s office. I went to the library and hung out for the rest of that class period. (My teacher did find out and showed me mercy by making me write a report instead.) (Sorry, Mom.)


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Life Should Not Be A Masquerade Ball

I was struck yesterday by the brokenness of people. So many of us are masking our shame, tucking our sins under our outer layers of sunshiney perfection. We struggle to maintain this facade of picture-perfect Christian while we are so broken inside, we’re barely held together. Why? How did we get here? Continue reading


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Rowing Against The Wind

From My Files I wrote this a while back. I hope it encourages you.

Do you ever feel like you’re running in place? Spinning your wheels? Going against the flow?

I feel like that pretty often. I have six children under age eight. Many days I consider it a success if we all have our clothes on by the time my husband comes home from work. Continue reading


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How To Read A Chapter Book

OK . . . some people just think differently. This little anecdote pretty much sums up the mind of my Rachel (age 7).

I asked Rachel to bring the book she has been reading to the dining room. So she brings in Anne of Green Gables. And I instructed her to sit at the table and start reading where she has left off.

She looked up at me and said so seriously, “Well, I’ve read lots of chapters, but I’m not reading them in order.” Then she tells me the name (from memory) of each of the four chapters she has read.

After my laughter subsided, I told her she had to start at the beginning of the book and read from front to back. So she smiled and said, “Well, the first chapter is called Beginnings, so OK.”

It is just so like her to pick up a book and read random chapters. Cracked me up!


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Soppy Carpets, Moldy Walls, and Flying Ants, OH MY!

From My Files I wrote this back in 2003. That’s two babies ago. We still live in the same house, though now we have an unfinished addition and a wonderful front porch. We are now bursting at the seams, and there are times when the Holy Spirit still has to have a good talk with me about contentment. I know, without a doubt, that this is the house we are supposed to have been living in all these years; and I’m thankful for His provision. I also want to note that my Rachel, whom I refer to at the end of this piece, is now a healthy 7 year-old who has Tourette Syndrome and the speech therapist who helped her with her stuttering is who eventually recommended we see a doctor about her sniffing and throat-clearing, which -of course- led to the TS diagnosis. Silas, whom I also refer to, is now a very healthy 4 year-old. I may blog about his weight-gaining troubles another time, but he eventually began to grow and now, you’d never know he had problems. Ok . . now for the thing I wrote back in 2003 . . .

My husband, our four small children, our 55-pound dog, and I all live in a pretty small house. My husband says real estate -speak for our home would be “modest” and “cozy.”
Continue reading


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