Miscellaneous Monday

I’m starting something new called Miscellaneous Monday. Each Monday, I’ll post 3 miscellaneous pieces of information. I’ll start with 3 things about myself that you may not know. I’ll probably do this each Monday until I run out of stuff to say about me, then I’ll come up with something else. I’d love it if you would add 3 miscellaneous pieces of information about yourself in my comment section — or you can type your Miscellaneous Monday at your own blog and link it here in my comment section.

Thanks for playing. 🙂 Now for the 3 miscellaneous pieces of information . . .

1. I once did a presentation teaching people macrame’ (if you don’t know what it is, look here). The presentation was entitled Lots of Knots.

2. When I taught third grade, a parent accused me of being “too strict in spelling.” (I’ve considered having that put on my gravestone — “Here lies Jenn . . . she was too strict in spelling.”)

3. I have thrown up all over the market square in Montego Bay, Jamaica.



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4 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. o.k.

    1. I once jumped off a twenty foot wall on a dare from my nephew ( I sure showed him…and it didn’t take long till I could walk again)

    2. I have lived on both sides of the equator and in one third world country( one of my daughters has dual citizenship)

    3. I usually pay the toll for the person behind me when I go through the toll booths.

  2. http://crossler.blogspot.com – to check out mine 🙂 Fun idea Jenn!!!

  3. Great idea…
    1. I got a black eye the day of my Jr. Prom…tennis in the gym…stepped into a swinging racquet
    2. I like to cook, but never follow the recipe
    3. I’m an ice hockey coach for my son’s team

  4. Patrick

    Ok, I’ll bite . . .

    1. I have one blue eye and one green eye.
    2. I have bought and sold on Russia’s black market.
    3. I have slept through both take offs and landings in an airplane.

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