Making Memories — Valentine’s Style

Do you have family traditions for Valentine’s Day? We do.

I love holidays. We like to have a party, and we take every occasion we can to do so. (We even had a chicken pox party when our children had chicken pox. We colored red dots on paper plates and ate pizza with big round pieces of pepperoni and cookies with sprinkles.) So we’re having a Valentine’s Day party today.

Each year our party looks a little different. Usually, the children color and cut out hearts in all sizes to decorate our table. Sometimes we have red streamers. Sometimes we have red or pink flowers. Some years we eat only red things — lasagna or spaghetti. Some years we have heart-shaped pizza — the whole pizza shaped like a heart or the pepperoni arranged in the shape of a heart. One year we had heart-shaped hamburger patties and pink mashed potatoes. We usually have a special dessert — brownies with red and pink sprinkles, heart-shaped sugar cookies, a huge chocolate chip cookie decorated for Valentine’s Day. You get the idea — the cornier the better. 🙂

But the one tradition we do every year is the most important one. We talk about love and we take turns around the dining room table telling what we love about each person. This is the best part! This is where a brother looks at his big sister and says, “I love her because she shares with me.” or “I love her because she plans things for us to do every day.” This is where a sister looks at her little brother and says, “I love him because he makes us laugh so much.” or “I love him because he gives the best hugs.” This is the part that usually makes Momma cry.

Our children fuss and argue. They are struggling to learn self-control. Sometimes they even say things that absolutely are not allowed in our home, like “shut up” or “dummy.” We’re still teaching them. They aren’t perfect (and neither are their parents). But our children do love each other. They beg to sleep together at night. They snuggle together on the couch when they watch movies. They play together. They hug each other a lot. They share and they sacrifice for each other. God has laid upon our hearts, as parents, the importance of building up their love for each other, their friendship with each other. Our Valentine’s tradition is just one of the ways we try to do that.

What does your family do on Valentine’s Day?



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5 responses to “Making Memories — Valentine’s Style

  1. I just WANT to do parties… it is what my mom always did for us… but I usually end up settling for things like heart shaped pancakes (this morning) or green food (St Patricks)… life gets away and I forget to plan, and Bryan’s schedule doesn’t make him available to help with the planning!

  2. Sometimes I forget to plan too. Then I end up doing something spur-of-the-moment — finding a sugar cookie mix in the cabinet or asking my husband to pick up a giant cookie on the way home from work, grabbing all the red and pink construction paper and making hearts with the kids at 4:00 in the afternoon. 🙂

  3. Do we live at the same house? We have done the heart-shaped pizza thing for years! And, we do some version of the “I love” game each year, too. My kids all snuggled and slept together last night, as well. We part ways on the dessert – ours is a butterfinger/chocolate fondue with lots of good dipping. We had some special visitors this year, and I’ll be writing about that later. We also do homemade valentines (some of those are on my site).

    Any way, I enjoyed the kindred spirit posting! Hope yours was wonderful, too!

  4. Julie

    This year my husband started a wonderful tradition with our daughter Jessa. Not only did he get mommy a dozen roses and a Valentine card, but he also picked up two rose buds for the “other little” Valentine in his life, as well as a special card for her. She loved it! So much research shows that girls get such a sense of security and confidence from their fathers, that if they have a healthy daddy relationship when they are young, it will give them a good framework for what to look for in a mate when they are older. It also frames how children view God. I love it that my husband works hard at building a strong relationship with our daughter, and models for her how she should expect to be treated later on in life. Her flowers are now by her bed and she can smell them whenever she wants and be reminded just how much her daddy loves her!

  5. What a great idea, Julie! Thanks for sharing that. And daughters who are adored and loved by their daddies are less likely to go looking for that love and adoration in less appropriate ways.

    Houkhouse, thanks for commenting. Everyone, you should definitely click on her name to see her blog post about V-day! Way more creative than those coloring sheets I printed out from the internet!

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