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Miscellaneous Monday

OK . . time again for Miscellaneous Monday. This week, I’ll give you three more random pieces of information about myself. And you can tell three pieces of information about yourself in my comment section or at your own blog and then link to it.

1. In second grade, I broke my arm doing a cartwheel.

2. Three years ago, I was on The Early Show — outside the studio, just before and after the weather report.

3. I spent several hours talking with Art Garfunkel once. (Sorry, Jeff, I couldn’t resist mentioning it.)



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Tell Me A Joke — Contest

Laughing is one of my most favorite things to do. Right now, most of the jokes around our house are at the second-grade level. A lot of the jokes are made up by preschoolers. You know, those jokes that don’t really make sense but are told with such giggles and gusto that you have to laugh along. Continue reading


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30 Days Of Nothing


Molly has an excellent challenge regarding 30 Days of Nothing over at her blog. Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Monday

I’m starting something new called Miscellaneous Monday. Each Monday, I’ll post 3 miscellaneous pieces of information. I’ll start with 3 things about myself that you may not know. I’ll probably do this each Monday until I run out of stuff to say about me, then I’ll come up with something else. I’d love it if you would add 3 miscellaneous pieces of information about yourself in my comment section — or you can type your Miscellaneous Monday at your own blog and link it here in my comment section.

Thanks for playing. 🙂 Now for the 3 miscellaneous pieces of information . . . Continue reading


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Go After Their Hearts — Part 2

This is a follow-up post, so make sure you read this first.

I really enjoyed reading the comments you made. Houkhouse has some great practical ideas and Revka said what I’ve been thinking lately — our focus cannot be soley on behavior. God desires relationship with us. That’s what Christianity is really all about — relationship. When Jesus named the greatest command, the thing that He desired most from us, He told us to love God with everything we’ve got and to love other people. He zeroed in on our relationship with God and our relationship with other people. Continue reading


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He Knows My Name

One day I was talking with my children about Heaven. We spoke about the golden streets and the angels singing. We spoke about meeting Moses and Noah. We spoke about our Caleb meeting the Caleb from the Bible. And our Rachel meeting Rachel, Jacob’s wife. And our Silas meeting the Silas of the New Testament, the one who was in prison with Paul. We spoke about David playing the harp and Grandmama playing the harp. And of course, we talked about food. If you know us, you know we love to eat and have parties. So we began talking about whether we will eat in Heaven and what we will eat.

I told them about references to a marriage feast and a great party in Heaven. They all thought that was a great idea.

“What do you think we will eat in Heaven?” I asked.

Without a moment’s hesitation, my 5-year old Caleb shrugged his shoulders and said, “Bread and grape juice, I guess.” Continue reading


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Making Memories — Valentine’s Style

Do you have family traditions for Valentine’s Day? We do.

I love holidays. We like to have a party, and we take every occasion we can to do so. (We even had a chicken pox party when our children had chicken pox. We colored red dots on paper plates and ate pizza with big round pieces of pepperoni and cookies with sprinkles.) So we’re having a Valentine’s Day party today. Continue reading


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