What Big Teeth You Have . . .

These redneck teeth just don’t grow old with my children. Sunday, a couple of my boys even managed to take them to church. Four-year old Silas entered Children’s Church with a totally straight face and redneck teeth peeking out between his lips. When a couple Sunday School teachers noticed and started laughing, he nonchalantly took the teeth from his mouth and slid them into his pocket, a sly grin playing at his mouth.

At home, he doesn’t go for subtle. He looks more like this silasteeth.jpg



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4 responses to “What Big Teeth You Have . . .

  1. So cute. 🙂 I love your boys! (actually, I love your entire family)

  2. Funny! 🙂 We call them Bubba teeth. They DO scream redneck, don’t they?

    (And I should know. My background is redneck.)

  3. ha ha ha My background may be considered redneck by some.

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