Beautiful Worship Service

Sunday, we had some beautiful time of worship with our church. Richard Kiser, an excellent guitarist, and Jimmy Davis, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist played and sang Christmas songs during our morning worship hour and during our Sunday evening candlelight service.

They both have been blessed with such talent. Richard is in full-time ministry, traveling and playing concerts. He has played with some of the best and most famous guitarists in the world. We think he ranks right up there with them. We have really been enjoying his Christmas album this year. My husband, who is a big Phil Keaggy fan, especially loves Richard’s CDs.

Jimmy pastored a church for years, but felt called to full-time evangelism a couple years ago. He preaches and sings and plays his guitar. He, his wife, and their seven children attend our church now, and we are fortunate to have them as friends. His sweet, clear, pure voice has been compared to John Denver’s. I could sit and listen to him for hours upon hours.

At our candlelight service, we also enjoyed music by harpist Stevan Jackson, a local professor who taught my mother-in-law how to play the harp. Sitting in the darkened church listening to hymns and Christmas songs on the harp and the guitar, my children snuggled up close to me . . . it was about the best church service I’ve been in for a while. My four-year-old enjoyed the music and the darkness so much, he fell fast asleep and began snoring so loudly, I had to take him out of the service. 🙂

But the quiet, beautiful music, the Christmas lights, the peacefulness . . . . my heart truly worshipped our Lord. If your Christmas season is go, go, go, shop, shop, shop, bake, bake, bake, travel, travel, travel, busy, busy, busy, I encourage you to Stop. Breathe. Be quiet. Sit in darkness. Calm your soul. And worship the Messiah.


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  1. You know, my Christmas season is a lot like yours this year – VERY relaxed, VERY low key. It’s the family stuff that is going on, with the work stuff, with the house stuff…’s all the “this doesn’t have anything to do with the holidays” stuff that is coming down the pike all at once that is making me twitchy. (Oh wait, that COULD be due to the excess coffee…) 😉

    It sounds lovely. I wish you could package it up and send it to me.

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