Gift Ideas

I love giving gifts! But my enjoyment of giving far exceeds the contents of my bank account. I’ve compiled ideas of inexpensive gift ideas over the years. Some of these ideas are my own, but some are not.

I know a lot of my friends are looking for teacher-gifts. Some of these might be creative teacher-gift ideas. I hope this is helpful to someone. (These are also good grandparent gift ideas.)

*placemats — decorate a large, rectangular-shaped piece of paper with clipart colored by your children, your children’s handprints or traced hands, a picture of your children, etc. and then laminate the paper with clear contact paper. You can even decorate both sides.

*breakfast gift basket — start with a small basket (from a dollar store, a thrift store, or your attic) and line with a hand towel or dish towel or fabric remnant (could also be from a dollar store, thrift store, or your attic). Fill with individual tea bags, hot cocoa packs, a piece or two of fresh fruit, a tiny loaf of homemade bread or breakfast cake, a cinnamon roll, homemade granola, a breakfast bar, etc. Maye write a thank-you note saying something like, “We like to start our day off by thanking God for you.”

*other gift baskets or tote bags:
beauty basket — filled with soaps, sample-sized lotions, loofah, etc.
student basket — filled with crayons, pencils, small notepads, erasers, scissors
dessert basket — fileld with a person’s favorite candies or home-made treats
craft basket — filled with scissors, yarn, thread, needles, etc.
little girl basket — filled with chapstick, hair thingies, nail polish, brightly-colored necklace, etc.
little boy basket — filled with Silly Putty, army men, toy dinosaur, yo-yo, jacks, etc.

**** The key to keeping these things inexpensive is buying packets of items and distributing the individual items among several baskets or bags — buy a box of tea bags and put 2 in each gift, buy a pack of pencils and put 2 in each, buy a pack of chapstick and put 1 in each. You get the idea.
**** You can buy several plain tote bags from Oriental Trading or a craft store and decorate each one with fabric markers and/or doo-dads you can add on.

Creative Ways To Show Appreciation:

*a wire whisk filled with Hershey kisses and a note saying “We whisk you a Merry Kiss-mas!” or filled with kisses and hugs and a note saying, “We whisk you lots of hugs and kisses this Christmas!”

*tissue-wrapped candies and a note saying, “You are very sweet!” or “You’re a real treat!”

*a home-made bracelet with a note saying, “You’re a jewel.”

*a loaf of home-made bread with a note saying, “During this season, remember the true Bread of Life,”

*a pocket screwdriver and some screws with a note saying, “You help hold us all together.”

*a hand-knit item with a note saying, “We are so thankful God knit you together in a special way.”

*some scented lotion with a note saying, “God has made a soft place in our hearts for you.”

*scented bath items with a note saying, “Your service is a sweet-smelling aroma to our Lord.”

*spiced tea or spice cake with a note saying, “You spice up our week!”

*flavored coffee with a note saying, “Thanks for working so hard to add extra flavor to school.”

*a decorative candle with a note saying, “Thanks for being faithful in shining your light for God.”

Hope that gets your creative juices flowing. 🙂

When I was a teacher, the most meaningful gifts were the hand-written notes from students and their parents. I still have some of them, especially one by a little third grader who wrote of how I had helped him learn to enjoy reading his Bible. I cry thinking of that note! That God would use me to make such an impact on that boy! Wow! It’s still encouraging to me to think of a note he wrote many years ago.

So whatever you give to your children’s school teachers or Sunday School teachers, please be sure to include a note telling them what a difference (be as specific as possible) they are making in your children’s lives.



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5 responses to “Gift Ideas

  1. Thank you SO SO MUCH!
    I’ve been a bit stuck the last few days with this shopping lark!
    God bless
    Maria in the UK

  2. These are great ideas! 🙂

    I’ll have to file them away for next year!

    This year we did scented bath salts for teachers (girls) and big candy bars for the men.

    For grandmas, the girls have embroidered dish towels, and we’ve made little felt doll families for cousins.

    Fun! But busy for mama!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Holly, good ideas. Thanks for adding those.

    I know a mom who wanted to give something to all the people in her son’s school who do not usually get gifts — the janitors, the secretary, the guidance counselor, the nurse, etc. But she didn’t have a lot of time or money. So she bought a package of Hershey bars and tied a ribbon around each one and gave them each a Hershey bar.

    I really like the idea of home-made gifts. I think I should start in March next year! 🙂

  4. Jodi

    Thank you. I love these ideas. I am working on Sunday School teacher appreciation gifts, and these are GREAT ideas, and the note ideas are perfect!!!

  5. Iz

    Thanks for the ideas. It is the small things that matter.

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