Christmas Book

I enjoy buying a beautiful Christmas-theme storybook to read with my children during the Christmas season. By the time they are grown, we should have quite a collection. I imagine sitting beside my Christmas tree reading these same loved books with my grandchildren some day. This year, I found a real treasure!

10312308.gif Christmas Day in the Morning by Pearl S. Buck, beautifully illustrated by Mark Buehner

If you’re not familiar with Pearl Buck’s story (and I wasn’t), you are in for a real treat. First published in 1955, this is the tale of a fifteen year old boy who realizes how much his father loves him, and this stirs up in him such great love for his father that he wants to give him something really wonderful for Christmas. The only problem is that it is already Christmas Eve and the boy doesn’t have time to buy anything. So lying in bed on Christmas Eve, he thinks of the best gift of all.

This is a touching story of real love and giving of oneself. My eyes teared up several times while I was reading it to my children. I love that it promotes a healthy view of family and a positive image of a fifteen year old young man. I love that, in this book, my children can see a picture of self-sacrifice and the types of gifts that truly show love. And it’s all done so beautifully. Pearl Buck was a very gifted writer, and Mark Buehner’s illustrations are cozy and comfortable and familial.

Reading this book together each year will definitely be one of my favorite family traditions.



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2 responses to “Christmas Book

  1. mcalmond

    I am so very grateful for those, like yourself, that I have happened across. The reason is simply the earnest and loving way that you have approached the vital importance of raising your children for Christ Jesus.

    You are deligent and you invest in the process of purposefully shaping your childrens heart, souls and minds.

    Thankyou and blessings to you and your children from those of us who are watching and paying attention.

    Thankyou for the example that you provide, even to us who are long past raising our children but yet have our eyes and hearts directed toward our grandchildren.

    Oh that we could do it all over again, but alas, we can still redirect our hearts and focus, imparting to the children of our children.

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  2. mcalmond, thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement. You may not know how much moms like me appreciate that sort of encouragement — we drink it up like a tall glass of lemonade on a hot day.

    These years of raising young children can seem so endless, and often we see only the mistakes we make — raising our voices, getting exasperated at bedtime, losing it when our kids are fussing again — or we become hyper-focused on the ways our children are not behaving — that nightmarish trip to Wal-Mart, the one who won’t get potty-trained, the one who smacks at the other children instead of using words. It is vital that we are reminded of the things we are doing right. Often moms like me need encouragers like you to remind us because we tend to not see it ourselves.

    I’ll be honest and tell you that your kind words made me cry. I so needed to be reminded that by doing this one thing, at least, I am doing something right.

    Thank you.

    And my other dear readers, please encourage a mother today. Notice something she is doing well and praise her for it. She will probably drink it up.

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